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Message started by david on Jan 22nd, 2007, 7:32pm

Title: The welcome thread
Post by david on Jan 22nd, 2007, 7:32pm

Please,  everyone should drop by here and say hello When they first register.

It is ok if you wish to just read the forum and not post anything but we will delete accounts with 0 posts occassionally. Most 0 post accounts tend to belong to spammers trying to signup on the forum.

Just a simple hello here will help us to keep the forums clear of the riff-raff.  ;)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Dickyboy199 on Jan 24th, 2007, 3:07am

Hi David and Hi everone,

I'm Richard and I found this site by chance from the nomorepanic website.  I've been suffering from ectopics for over 20 years now.  I only just noticed this welcome thread even though I have already posted a few posts.

It looks like a great site and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Take care



Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by helsbels on Jan 24th, 2007, 12:17pm

Hello everyone - I've posted a few times and have found the site to be very helpful and also very beneficial to have RLR's medical expertise - I pop in every couple of days to see what's been happening.
Just a bit of background - experiencing pvcs/pacs for about 2 years - seemed to appear after a suspected svt attack which was also out of the blue.  Had all the usual tests and basically have some good days and lots of bad days because I still find them very scary.

Anyway just wanted to say Hi and thanks  :)


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Kathryn on Jan 25th, 2007, 5:26am

Hi all

I been using the site (well started as Resonance) now this one for over a year.

I have palpitations and missed beats, I also have a Anxiety Disorder and IBS, I don't take medication as I believe I can do this myself drugs are only delaying things.

So I am now a Parent Govenor at my childrens school, I attend playgroups, I'm throwing myself into things as I do not want to sit worrying about my health 24/7.

I attended the first proper session on my anxiety management course today, 3 new people was good to meet them, didn't really get a chance to chat properly as it was more a information gathering session.  So still waiting for CBT and counselling.

I've changed my diet and am trying to me a little more active, 1 step at a time.

I am 27 - 28 in May I am married and I have 3 children all born by Ceserian section first 2 emergency last one planned, my eldest is 7 then 5 then 2 1/2.  

Welcome to anyone new, don't be affraid to post we are all here to support and help each other, RLR is fantastic and always here for a bit of medical background to put your mind at ease or simply advice.

Kath x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by angiebaby on Jan 27th, 2007, 11:18am

Hello everyone, only just found this thread, had already posted on another, sorry for that. LOL.
I have suffered from ectopics since a great shock 11 years ago.  Now i think that i have PTSD after an opertion two years ago and things have just got worse.  My ectopics have definatly got worse these past year and i get them everyday for no reason at all.  They stop me leading my 'normal' life and still frighten me lots.  For instance i had just had my tea tonight and was chatting to my hubby then WHAM i had 4 really hard ectopics for no reason and the second one i had was a double one, i get these a lot.  Like my heart is doing the cha cha and flip flopping, more than just once.  All ECG's have been fine and am now waiting for results from 48 hour tape, holter monitor, i had a week ago.  While that was on i only had a couple, typical.  It doesn't matter where i am or what i do i still get them, even when i am really relaxed.  It is stopping me doing things that i used to like doing and i can not drink alcohol anymore as they obviously makes it worse.  Any helpful words of wisdom and empathy greatfully received, thanks.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Beanie on Jan 28th, 2007, 8:18am

Hi. I have post several times on the other site as well.  Have had pvc's since Sept. '06. About 1500 a day when they kicked in, now around 20  day. I think mine were brought on by stress. My husband had a heart attack and a 4 way bypass (age 51/ 600 miles away from home on business) in Feb. '06.  I think I am uneasy about his health, though he is doing very well,  and have become a bit more anxious about my own.  Still have children at home too.   Love this site!!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by cazza on Jan 29th, 2007, 3:28am

Hi my name is carol  and i am 42  i have been having missed heartbeats for 8 months now every day!
I find this site so helpful and RLR is just brilliant :)
I have been told my palps are not sinister so hopefully we can all help each other on how to deal with them

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by billycat on Jan 29th, 2007, 1:19pm

I posted without introducing myself first - so apologies for that! I am 33, female and have had ectopics on and off since my teens. They first became really bad when I was about 21, and since then I have had small and large episodes every year. I have general anxiety disorder which I started with after an illness at 12 years of age. I am 100% certain that the two are linked.

I hope I'm coming to the end of a really nasty 'episode' of ectopics that started last November. I have them every couple of beats, all day and all night long! I have been anxious with this episode as I have had a new feeling for me-  one where it feels like my breath is being pushed out of my lungs when the ectopic happens, almost like a short strangling feeling that cuts my throat off... does anyone else get this??? Or is it just me being wierd?? :-[

Anyway, I had yet ANOTHER ecg last week and will be seeing a cardiologist again next week! In my heart of hearts (excuse the pun!!) I don't think anything is seriously wrong - but it is soooooo hard to remain nonchalont about something so disruptive and horrible.

Great site and I welcome any hints, advice and most of all REASSURANCE!

Billycat xx

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Jan 29th, 2007, 3:33pm

The sensation of being choked is a phenomenon known as "Globus" and is caused by the same reactivity the results in benign palpitations. The Vagus nerve is largely responsible for the phenomenon and hyperventilation is often encountered as a consequence of fear and shallow breathing, which expulses too much CO2. The brain is extremely sensitive to blood-gas changes and its not difficult at all for some people with anxiety to quickly threshold to a panic attack.

Regardless, the symptom is physically harmless and although quite alarming will never cause an event.

Panic thresholds can be quickly reduced by re-breathing into a bag, often hearalded in movies and the like, but actually can reduce symptoms by helping restore equilibrium. It only requires a minute or so and longer exposure will not help. A cool drink or cool rag on the forehead and eyes can quickly help to reduce symptoms by inducing the "dive reflex" which will reduce heart rate and bring a calming effect.

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by TOOTS on Jan 30th, 2007, 2:19pm

Just wanted to say that I used the other site a great deal for re assurance. I am fifty five and have suffered palpitations for as long as I can remember. But here I am still here always feel I am pretty fit but the palpitations really do get me down i put it down to anxiety, IBS, fear of something being seriously wrong with me health wise, always questioning every palpitation - I wish I was more of an optimist and not a pesimist. I often catch myself when I feel pretty good thinking well here I am no palpitations, normal why can't I be like this all the time !!!  

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by TOOTS on Jan 30th, 2007, 2:22pm

Sorry forgot to mention that RLR is a real lifeline and great thanks to the advice, reasurrance and calming information that is given, thank you so much.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by freya on Jan 30th, 2007, 5:05pm

Hi everyone
i also came on to the website via nomorepanic.co.uk i have been watching this website for about 6 months on resonance.com
my names freya, and i live in england and i am 21
i have quite a colourful past medical wise i was dx with Graves disease (autoimmune disorder - overactive thyroid) Aug 2004, i was 18 yrs old. I was and still am taking anti thyroid drugs in november 2005

the start--------------

i was stood at my saturday job in a shop and i felt my heart go out of synch, i got so dizzy i saw nothing but yellow and black and thought i was going to faint. As i was immediately fine i didnt tell anyone or my gp and just carried on. I have had similar 'flutters'  without dizzyness since every now and again randomly until june ish 2006. I had a panic attack because i changed anti thyroid med and this was when i first experienced the skipped beat instead of a flutter.
since then they have been the bain of my existance, in summer 06 they were getting extreamly frequent 100's daily probably due to increasing anxiety and it took a lot of courage to go to my g.p in aug who thought it was my thyoid back with avengence as my ecg read 140 bpm - just due to anxiety, i was sent to my endocrinologist who said as my thyroid was in normal levels he would ask for a 24hr monitor, i have private medical care so i got it that week (very grateful for that) it was supposed to be my first day as a freshman at university, it didnt go as planned. I was just sat there and suddenly i felt queesy, then very very faint/dizzy/weak i probably panicked also my mum phoned my gp who said to phone an ambulance, which after looking at 24hr tape which i was still wearing, blood, xray, ecg was supraventricular tachycardia (only happened once, i am sure due to extreme anxiety, due to uni, 24 tape and worries of dropping dead). I have had a clear echo since and spent a night in AAU with clear ecg. It took a lot of courage and against uni advisers i decided to start university this year (2006) and i have just moved out to student accomodation from the comfort of my family home...rlr's words have helped me so much, since june 06 i have became agoraphobic due to ectopics and have suffered and still do from panic attacks and huge anxiety yet before i was the life and soul of party i had even been backpacking 3 months previously and snowboarding 6 months before that, i hate the fact i am a shadow of my former self, but i know i will be back there some day...its just sometimes hard when you get these pvcs etc daily, but i would rather live with them than be stuck on a sofa scared to move incase i dropped dead (which is still a fear, which i try and ignore, which i think is half the battle)rlrs words have come to realise that lifes too short to let pvcs/pacs dictate my life and i vow no longer that they will keep me on that sofa, life is for living even if i do need a bit of reassurance sometimes and daily log ins to this site:) i have seen my cardiologist who gave me sotalol (i have come these since of my own accord) and he says once i am off anti thyroid meds they should stop completely, i havent told any doctor about anxiety etc, and i know that the ectopics are due to anxiety 99% of the time, as they (usually) completely vanish at night time when i am relaxed. Funny huh? as worried as i still am i have had a clear echo and ecg etc so i just keep telling myself that nothing will happen and i am sure that hopefully is right. I still get ectopics daily but only 1-5 rather than 100's, so things are going well also anxiety wise and all
So thats me and i am looking forward to getting to know all of you
Rlr, as mentioned previously your posts are fantastic. I think that its wonderful for you to devote your time to us all, i am so very grateful as you have helped give me my life back

kindest thoughts to all

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Kathryn on Jan 31st, 2007, 12:19am

Just to say Hi to Freya and Toots, thanks for sharing your issues with us.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Kath x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by toto on Feb 4th, 2007, 4:23am

I was recommended to this site from Nomorepanic too and I'm so pleased to have found it.
I have been getting ectopics for about 6 years now and have taken atenolol 50mg intermittently to calm things down. Recently, this past Xmas I became extremely stressed at work and had a terrible time over the holidays with thousands of ectopics every day when they came every other beat. VERY distressing!! My GP put me on citalopram which I've now been on for about 5 weeks and they have definitely helped give me a bit of breathing space to address the anxiety. At my follow up visit with my doctor we discussed my anxiety levels and my health in general and we have come to the conclusion that as I am going through the menopause I have heightened anxiety levels which aren't helping the ectopics.
I've been ectopic free for about 3 weeks now.
I've never been like this in my life. I've always coped very well with whatever life has thrown a me but the ectopics are awful. They defeat me every time!
I'm SOOOO glad to have found this wonderful website and forum.
Hello to everyone x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by kirk on Feb 4th, 2007, 7:22am

david wrote:
Please,  everyone should drop by here and say hello When they first register.

It is ok if you wish to just read the forum and not post anything but we will delete accounts with 0 posts occassionally. Most 0 post accounts tend to belong to spammers trying to signup on the forum.

Just a simple hello here will help us to keep the forums clear of the riff-raff.  ;)

:(Hello.  I am trying to get into a chat room about heart palpitations/anxiety and have been unsuccessful so far.  Any suggestions?

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Feb 4th, 2007, 7:32am

Off topic replies have been moved to This Thread (http://rlr.qersys.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl?num=1170603169)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stu M on Feb 7th, 2007, 5:37am

Hi, Just like to introduce myself...

My names Stuart (Stu) and as with all of you here I suffer from some form of palpitations :(

Ive been looking in on this site for a little while and would like to initially say how good this resource is to people who suffer daily with this problem. Also thanks to Cazza for recommending this site to me, shes doing a great job on the 'No more Panic' website of advertising this place to people who need it ;D

Ive been experiencing skipped beats for about 5 Years now, and Panic/Anxiety attacks since I was about 9-10 years old, Im 37 now, so I have lived with issues for a long while now :(

I have only recently found such great online communities such as this forum and the No more Panic website which have been a godsend, and coupled with some therapy I feel I am starting to move forward.

As I said im 37, from the UK, married with a 2 year old son and am reasonably healthy, or so my doctor tells me apart from anxiety!!

Well very briefly, thats me  :)  Hope to speak to you all soon.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by joolee on Feb 8th, 2007, 3:43am

:) hi stu i am also new to this site its great that we are not alone when we get these skipped beats i hate them but i am managing to come to tearms that it is anxiety i have four kiddies which can be quite a handful when they are all playing up lol i should just try and chill alittle eh lol anyway cazza recommended me to go this site to so a big thanks to her i am also on no more panic which is an ace site to everyone is sooo caring anyway hope you start to feel better soon love julie x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by joolee on Feb 8th, 2007, 3:47am

:) hi everyone im julie i have suffered from ectopic heartbeats for about 4 years now they are so annoying i can get really brilliant days when i dont feel them but i too get the days when i feel so lousy with them as i dwell on them i know ido when you dont get them for a while u forget u ever did them BANG one comes a long and you start to panic all over again its a visious circle isnt it anyway hope to chat to you all so we can help each other and put a stop to our missed beats lol thanks to cazza for introducing me to this site on the no more panic website cheers you have made me a happy lady thanks xxxxx hope to hear from u all soon love julie xx

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stu M on Feb 8th, 2007, 4:43am

Hi Julie,

Nice to see you here, havent spoken to you for a while on the No more Panic site, how are you?

Obviously still battling these ectopics, but apart from that I hope you are well.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by shperreault on Feb 8th, 2007, 1:09pm

Hi Everone,

I've added a couple comments, but never introduced myself.  I'm Shirley, just turned 45.  I've had these irregular heartbeats for a couple years.  They began out of no where, however I'm sure it's because of my "anxiety".  I started having panic attacks after my Mom had a massive stroke (10yrs ago).  She was 54 yrs old. She lived a couple years after her stroke, she lived with me.  I tried my hardest to take care of her.  My description of caring for her is "she went through hell and she took me with her".  Also, my dad had a heart attack and died when he was 44yrs old. I'm assuming I'm next.  People die so early in my family, I live in fear of being next.

I've had so many test done, they say "you're fine".  I'm not fine.  I'm a nut case! I'm surprised my husband is still with me.  I'm sure that's just a matter of time too.  Everything I love has been taken from me.  

This site has helped, but the fear is what's killing me.  I hate the fast heartbeats, the skipped beats, the hard thumps in my chest, the dizziness, the thoughts, I hate it all but this is my life!  My life as I knew it is gone.

I read from this site daily.  RLR is a Godsent.  His compassion is from above.  I'm just so thankful that he cares.  

I'm very glad to be able to read everyone's thoughts and messages.  It's all I've got to stay sane at this point.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by debbsi on Feb 9th, 2007, 8:37am

I'm Deb aged 34, 2 kids and husband! Had one type of ectopic beat for about 10 years couple of months ago I got a different feeling and began to panic about it, ended up in a&e they said they couldnt find anything, gp refered me to cardiologist who thinks the different feeling is also ectopic beats but in different area of heart. Had echo, event recorder next week then back to docs for results.
I'm trying not to worry but I do. Also suffer with health anxiety, but trying to be strong, I wont let it beat me!!! ;)
This forum is great, lots of proffessional advice makes me feel more confident that theres absolutley nothing wrong with me.  :D
Deb x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Kathryn on Feb 11th, 2007, 10:22pm

Just to say hi to all the newbies.

I Kathryn (Kath) I'm 27 and I've been visiting the site for over a year and been getting anxiety, palpitations and weird and wonderful beats for about 5 years?, I have 3 children and a husband, and I feel and have felt like all of you at some point, having a bad time at the moment (well for me anyway) but generally had been getting better.

It's great your on the site RLR is great and full of information and reassurance, and it's great for us to share our experiences as although our experiences are unique to us we can all relate and help comfort and reassure each other.


Kath x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Feb 12th, 2007, 3:18pm

Thank goodness I'm only full of "information and reassurance"(Smile). Several of my golfing partners would electively try and add to that list, but your faith in me is aknowledged and appreciated.

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Kathryn on Feb 12th, 2007, 11:26pm

I won't probe any further!  :)

Another golfer - what is it with you men and golf  :) (only joking) My dad is mad on golf - he only started participating properly and joining a club about 5 years ago.

He's at golf every oppotunity and drives us crazy, my dad is very competitive, we don't worry to ask where dad is on his day off or ask him what he's up to on his day off!  :) Then he comes home and me, my mum and my sister have to listen to all his golf talk, we just nod and smile (bless him no sons!), we feel sorry for our grandad he's 78 soon and goes to golf with my dad, grandad goes and trys bless him but dad moans at him for not being quiet when he's about to drive off etc..! Fortunately my husband and brother in law are into sport!
He's also trying quite hard to get me to caddy for him when my youngest goes to school, even tried his new golf bag on me, I think NO CHANCE! I wouldn't know a wood from a sandwedge! I even can't play it on a computer!

Kath x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by rosekay on Feb 16th, 2007, 4:08am

Hi, just found this part of the site so would like to introduce myself to you all.  I am 45, have 6 children and live in mid Wales.  I've had skipped beats on and off for more years than I can remember - it usually goes sort of a few months of lots of them, then a few months with nothing....never worked out why, but I do get very upset about it, though I try not to........ I've had 2 or 3 different BB's but none of them stop the problem, though they make it a bit less forceful.  It really helps to talk to others who know what it's like!  Best wishes to you all!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Joesparrow on Feb 26th, 2007, 4:39am


I've just registered and I reside in the UK, London.  I used to visit the old Resonance site awhile back, having just discovered that it's been overwhelmed by those horrid spammers.  Anyway just wanted to say hello as someone who found RLR's advice and logic very useful, glad that this new site has taken over the reigns.  I was one afflicted by the demon skippies but have been free of them for about two years now. I'm 39 years old and first detected the skipped beats when I was about 35.  I've never smoked nor drank either, so my condition was perplexing at the time.  Mainly diet and excercise and learning to relax has helped. I shied away from the medication route  Also had a complete cardio work up, stress test, ECG in 2004 etc which showed everything was fine.  Ever since then I've been largely palp free.  RLR might remember me, I've been writing my first novel, which is about 22 chapters along, hoping that the final 6 chapters will magically complete themselves in 2007!  The book's about somebody who flies alot which I think RLR may find interesting given the experiences he posted once about being a US Navy jet pilot and how he lured enemy fighters during combat sorties- correct me if I'm wrong there! Writing has helped to focus my mind on a creative path which may have been the inadvertant magic bullet in my case.  Anyway just wanted to say hello.

Good health to all



Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Feb 26th, 2007, 6:40am

Hi Sanjay,

Glad to hear that you're doing so well and thanks for stopping by the new forum.

I'd certainly be interested in purchasing a copy of your novel when it become available on the open market. You'll have to let us know.

As for my "jockey" days, it was actually enemy pilots who used "jinking" techniques across the no-fly zone designed to lure U.S. pilots into engagement. Satisfying for the U.S. pilots who weren't afraid in the very least of a dogfight, bad for the enemy once they realized that drawing us into combat quickly put flames up their tailpipe and sent them down for the "splash."

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by saab on Feb 26th, 2007, 3:06pm

Hi Sanjay,

I'm glad that you are so well now. It's reassuring to hear that these things can go away on their own. I have multiple ectopics - mostly I don't feel them unless I take my pulse, but they cause me a great deal of concern - totally illogical because I've had ecg's which say I'm fine. I'd be interested to know what caused yours to begin or were they always there but undetected - and was it getting the 'all clear' after the tests which led to them going? Do you have any other tips? I would love to think that my missed beats could go away completely - although I know they are harmless, I would prefer not to have to learn to live with them.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Joesparrow on Feb 27th, 2007, 8:06am

Hi RLR & Saab

First off thanks for the personal welcoming message RLR! Oh not sure when my book will be published as I haven't even embarked upon the long, arduous trek of seeking out an agent let alone a publisher.  But it wasn’t ever about getting it published, I’ve written it from the heart (smile), nurturing, chiseling away to unearth a story which has been a personal journey of self awareness and unintentional discovery.  The postive side effect has been that the ectopic beats gradually decreased in intensity to become shall we say dormant.  It may not have been the book writing, possibly a change in my personality and a belief that my life should not be dictated by these annoying skippies.

Saab- I certainly know how you feel and the despair which accompanies the demonic palps. At this juncture I suggest for you to read RLR’s Heart Palpitations 101 parts 1-6.  This was useful for me to allay some of my fears- BUT I needed to get the courage and face my doctor and the requisite tests which would confirm that there wasn’t anything sinister up with me. White coat syndrome coupled with my tendancy of being a hypchondriac didn’t help.  I should add that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2002 Oct.  I had the typical weight loss and endured a very rapid heart beat for a period of 6 months with rather debilitating missed beats before my diagnosis.  My liver rejected the medication to temper my thyroxin levels and was given the only option of radioactive iodine to kill off the thyroid in June 2003.  But refrained from signing the consent form, somehow the idea of radioactivity coursing through a portion of my grey anatomy didn’t sit too well with me.  

But as luck would have it in Oct 2003 my thyroid recovered of its own accord . So now I’m okay but need to have blood tests every three months.  However at the time the ectopic beats remained with me throughout the year until about 2004.  But I noticed that they gradually were reducing in intensity, I got so used to them that I started to ignore them.  My premise was if they came from nowhere then they should disappear to nowhere.  I held onto that belief, living my life normally as possible.  However Saab, I do not detract from how scary they can be, and how lonely you can feel.  At times I wanted to give up and just stay in bed.  Many a time I wondered if my heart would give out or stop suddenly.  But the old Resonance site put things into perspective and was a god send.  It made me take a sharp intake of breath and visit a cardiologist priviately and get a stress test and an ECG.  I recall being extremely nervous when I did the treadmill test being hooked up to the monitor with half my chest shaved!  

The cardiologist examined the results and said I was fine and there was nothing untoward with my heart. I was an athelete during my teens and have kept myself as fit as possible since then- now 39.  It was ironic that a week before the stress test and ECG my palps disappeared!  Go figure? The cardiologist described them as ectopic beats and that everyone has them, it’s just that we’re more sensitive to them and can ‘feel’ them.  Like RLR has said he’s never witnessed anyone have a cardiac event as a consequence of these funny extra beats- I believe that.  It’s true that after a qualified explanation of the beats they did more or less disappear.  I may get one or two every 6 months or none at all.  It doesn’t mean that I’m ‘cured’ as I don’t think there was anything truly wrong with me in the first place- they may return with a vengeance, who knows?  Perhaps it’s a question of genetics, that a gene or something get activated given your emotional inputs and phyiscal stresses  as well as your age– so for me I was ripe for hyperthyroidism which lead onto the ectopic beats maybe.  Again its conjecture on my part.

I don’t think I’m qualified to offer any tips but can suggest what worked for me by sheer accident.  I discovered that carrying on as normal has helped- delegating and not being such a perfectionist also eases the mind.  Letting things go and not dwelling on office politics or demanding parents or a grirlfriend yelling at me. Eating tonnes of fresh fruit and veg and no alochol, but the odd binge on pizza etc is good for the soul! It may have nothing to do with diet – although a gastric disturbance in 2004 did kick in a protracted bout of missed beats..Anxiety and stress is what triggered my hyperthyroidism and I’ve had to learn to deal with that, so inadvertantly the book writing has helped me focus my mind and the exercise was perhaps beneficial. Saab I really sincerely hope you find your own magic bullet, but it might take sometime but I’m sure it will happen.  If you’ve been given the all clear, you’ve had all of the blood tests, ECG’s etc then believe in it.  One thing I do know if there was something seriously wrong then the symptoms would be little more troubling I suppose.  Best of luck Saab and I hope I have helped in some small way.  Take care.

RLR- So I got it reversed- so it was the Migs doing the jinking to attract the thermal scent of a sidewinder or sparrow?  Was your metallic steed an F-4 perhaps?  Sorry don’t mean to pry as my father was a fighter pilot as were most of my uncles – except one who became a doctor actually. There’s a few dogfight sequences in my story, but I’ve made the story appeal to children 10 years + as well as adults......continued......

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Joesparrow on Feb 27th, 2007, 8:09am

....continued......I’m still a bridge to far away from finishing and if it gets published I’ll be sure to send you a copy. But I warn you, you’ll need a coffee table with rather strong legs to support the Redwood tree needed to bind and compile this one…..

Regards and good health to everyone, again take care Saab and don't give up hope.

Apologies for the length of my double posting..


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by saab on Feb 27th, 2007, 11:28am

Thanks for such a great reply, Sanjay. Like everyone, I am looking for a magic wand to make these things disappear, although I know in reality that it will be a long process of overcoming the anxiety that feeds them. Mostly, I am past the feeling that I am about to drop dead, thankfully, just at the stage where I am mostly ok with occasional days of anxiety in various degrees (like yesterday). Keeping busy helps, not dwelling on things, eating lightly, gentle exercise, - all have been beneficial to me. No caffeine at all, no alcohol. I do find that if I don't sleep well, or the kids wake me up really early, then that seems to lead to ectopics/anxiety fairly consistently. RLR's advice has been very helpful - part of the problem has been that ectopics were never explained to me, certainly no-one ever said "they are harmless, cannot damage your heart, will never lead to a heart attack, you don't have heart disease" etc. It was more "Go home..you're fine". I hope eventually to get on top of the anxiety totally and then I believe the ectopics may well disappear. Best wishes.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by srh on Jul 6th, 2008, 7:41pm

Several people have talked about your forum but were unable to provide  me with a link or web address.  I then came another forum where members were discussing this site but the administrator deleted the link weeks earlier.  

I took bits and pieces of information I DID have and spent the last several hours googling you.  I'm so pleased I've found you but now completely exhausted and must rest.  :o

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stu M on Jul 7th, 2008, 4:43am

Thats such a shame it was so hard for you to find this forum!

Also it annoys me when admins delete links to other sites when in the end we are just trying to help each other.

But glad you found it in the end, welcome, this is a great site that has helped me imensly :)


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by srh on Jul 7th, 2008, 5:18am

785F5E74662B0 wrote:
Thats such a shame it was so hard for you to find this forum!

Also it annoys me when admins delete links to other sites when in the end we are just trying to help each other.

But glad you found it in the end, welcome, this is a great site that has helped me imensly :)


Thank you Stu.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Jul 7th, 2008, 3:03pm

Hello and welcome to the forum. My apologies for your difficulty in locating the site. It is indeed difficult to find for some reason.

The forum is certainly open to all who may have need of the support provided here and you are free to distribute the link as you wish. And unlike other sites, you are entirely free to post links here leading to other forums that you believe may be of benefit to the members and guests.

Again, welcome and we're glad to have you join us.

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by keepie on Jul 9th, 2008, 3:49am

Hi.  I'm new here and very much appreciate the support and perspective that I have found through reading through the posts.  I look forward to learning more.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Steff1573 on Jul 11th, 2008, 10:05am

Hello everyone!

I am new here. Just started posting a couple days ago about extra beats (pvc's) and the craziness it causes!  Then somehow I went off on some other medical tengent (MS) and between that, pvc's, potential dx's, my mind is going 100 mph and I am scared!  

BUT, I know that someday I will cope better.  I cope somewhat ok, in that sometimes I can ignore the pvc's, but the past 3 days they have been really bad!

Enough of that!

I look forward to meeting you all. I have 3 children (ages (girl 7), (boy 4) and another (girl 3).  And another big kid, my husband.  hehe.

I am going to school to become an RN.  have a year left to go!  Been a long road, especially with having kids in between school, heath problems, but it only makes one stronger I think!

Good luck to you all in dealing with these pvc's/pac's.  I honestly think "Acceptance" is the key (as I have been told many, many times), but its the getting there that is hard.

With each other's support and RLR's knowdledge and reassurance, we WILL get there.  it will take time, but WE CAN DO IT!

I am thinking of you all as you go through this.  Know that you are definitely NOT alone, even in the deepest times when you think you are.

Hugs to everyone..

Steff   :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Alisonj on Aug 11th, 2008, 7:39pm

Hi there
I am a newbie! I posted yesterday about my "history" etc. I dont know if maybe I posted too much or something because it has not gotten any responses yet :-/ Hopefully I will get to know people and navigate my way around here.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Happy on Sep 18th, 2008, 11:46am

Hello everyone!

I recently viewed this site because of a recommendation from a member of a menopause site.  What great info here! :) I have been having pvc's, flutters, and all sorts of uncomfortable beats for many years.  I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse about 30 years ago and started on a beta blocker after 6 months of panic attacks.  I think I have read every book on the subject!  :o But I really like the explanations on this site.  I, too, have premature beats when I exercise, some days worse than others.  But I get on the treadmill everyday--it really does help.  I am not a runner, but a moderate walker.  Lately the premature beats have been occurring at night, keeping me from sleeping well. Sometimes if I get up and move around the beats go back to "normal", whatever that is!  :P  But I would rather exerience the off-beats that the flutters and panic.  Along with the heartbeats and anxiety, I have IBS, reflux and severe headaches at times.  And now I know how these are connected.  Taking just one day at a time helps keep life in perspective. Thanks for all the information that you provide!  It really is a great service.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Glen on Sep 20th, 2008, 8:07pm

Sorry :-[ I did not know to post here when you joined. I'm late :o
Thanks to RLR thinks have begun to get better. Thanks to you all ;)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Cindy on Sep 24th, 2008, 2:46pm

Hi all,
Came here from recommendation from a menopause website.

I'm 55 was was healthy until peri and all hell broke loose.  Had a few episodes of SVT necessitating going to the ER, but none recently.  

But I do have heart pounding which keeps me awake, and more recently a faster, mostly regular HR that seems weaker than normal with episodes of SOB when walking only short distances.  Yet a week or so ago I walked a brisk 2 miles/day for 4 days in a row and felt great.

When these recent episodes happen I get so scared that the anxiety goes into panic.  But most definitely the anxiety and panic do not come first.  They kick in when these heart things and SOB start up.

The only test I haven't had is a cardiac cath.  From what I understand all those other tests can look fine but you can still have a blockage.
So I don't believe them when they say I'm fine, yet these things keep happening.

Anyway, glad to be here, hoping to learn a lot.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Dux on Sep 30th, 2008, 2:11pm


Just wanted to say hello, I hope I can find the answers I'm looking for about Heart palpitations.

My Name is Doug and I live in New York with my Wife. I work in the city for a large information company.

I have Anxiety and panic issues but my biggest concern is the heart palps I get sometimes on a daily basis

I look forward to reading and understanding heart Palps better


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by allaflutteringeorgia on Feb 9th, 2009, 2:59pm


I am a 47 year old female who started having heart "fluttersa' about 8 months ago, as well as several other different sensations.
As with most of you I was petrified, so I went to my family Dr and he ordered a serries of GI tests including the barrium test. It was concluded that I have GERD and he started me on Nexium.
He refered me to a cardioogist for the irregular heart rhythmn. I had an ECG done that I was told was irregular, that it looked like something was "archaic" no idea what that meant. So a nuclear stress test was next, well I have asthma so they had to chemically induce me. Once again the tests showed that the "stress" portion of the test was abnormal SO my cardiologist ordered a heart catheter. I was mortified!!!! What a scary procedure.
The weird thing is that per the cardiologist my heart is sound, no blockages at all.
I do however have a congenital heart defect on the left side of the heart, nothing to be 'concerned" about I was told i was just wired differently.
So how can I have an irregular ECG and stress test but then my heart be sound per the cath?
I am told that my PVC's and PAC's are benign.
So after all the time and money spent that's all I get is "don't worry, they are benign." No explanation as to what may be causing them at all. I had to start researching myself. I have read every article I can find, i have joined every forum I could find,all in hopes of better understanding what is going on.
I have come to know most of my personal triggers and to avoid them.
On days that they just seem inevitable I have learned not to panic. The one thing I cannot control is how bad I feel after a long run of PAC's and PVC's. I am exhausted, I yawn alot and my chest muscles hurt like someone punched me for days afterwards.
I am hoping that by learning to control my GERD I can contol the irregular heartbeat to a degree. I am also going to start trying different supplements like magnesium, fish olis and CoQ10. I don't want to take the Beta Blockers that my cardiologist prescribed as the side effects seem to be to much of a risk for me to want to try.

I am glad to have found this site and read that I am not alone.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Marty on Apr 10th, 2009, 9:51am

And hi to all. My name is Marty, Short for Martha. I have had HP for about 4 years now. Finding this site has been a very nice thing for me. I have read a lot of the post and they have made me much more relaxed about my HP's.
Thank you all for posting..


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Apr 10th, 2009, 7:44pm

Hi Marty and welcome to the forum. Please feel free to draw inquiry concerning any problems you may be experiencing and I'll do my best to help explain matters.

From a support standpoint, I think you've already observed that there are a great many persons here with common difficulties and they are an outstanding source of help and support to one another.

Again, welcome and make yourself at home.

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Marty on Apr 13th, 2009, 4:23am

Thank you RLR. From what I have read so far, you are an amazing and very helpful loving man! God Bless you for all your  help and advice!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by koffice07 on Jul 1st, 2009, 3:14am

I am very glad to have found this forum. Hi everyone!

Laurie :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by SueB on Jul 7th, 2009, 10:59pm

Hi Everyone, glad to meet you all.

My name is Susan and I was referred to this forum by Glenda over at Power Surge.  

I am a 55 year old female, post menopausal, married and share a 10 acre farm with my husband, a donkey, llama, 10 goats, a dog and 4-5 barn cats.  

My physical last year showed that I am in excellent health with a normal blood count as to everything.  My BP is normal, am slightly overweight and will be seeing a Cardiologist in a few weeks for my PVCs.

I have been having PVCs for about 15 years that started out mild and progressed to very severe in March of this year.  Since then, I had an Event Monitor for 2 weeks in June which showed PVCs.  Normally I would not complain and ignore them, but sometimes they go on for 9-12 hours without a regular heartbeat.  It almost feels like hickups.  Once they start for the day, they stay with you.  Anyway, I sometimes get chest pain, dizziness, headaches and fatigue with them, so my doctor referred me to a Cardiologist.

I also have asthma so I can't take Beta Blockers.  Not that I want to, as I'm hoping for a solution that does not include drugs.  I also have Gallstones, and have been fortunate enough to still have my Gallbladder.  Oddly enough, my palps do not occur when I feel right side pain and visa versa.  Don't know why, but I would rather have the right side pain than these darned heart palps.

My palps are not the kind where my heart races.  If anyting my pulse is slow and my heart feels as if its skipping beats or just quivering. Sometimes they occur with anxiety and sometimes without anxiety.  So I am clueless and interested in learning more about the Vagus Nerve.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Niki on Sep 16th, 2009, 6:01pm

Hello to everyone....I'm new to this forum and so glad I found it.  I have been at the computer most of the day reading posts from so many of you and felt I had to join you.  I too have had problems with heart palps and anxiety problems for a while now and I already seem to feel some relief just from information that I have learned today.        

Thank you,


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Typer on Dec 8th, 2009, 4:51pm

Hello from me:

I just saw this thread after leaving this question on the symptoms board:

I am 59 years old, female and have been having ectopic beats for around 3 years. For the last three months they have become a nightmare, filled with dread and hopelessness not to mention anxiety.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by vallie on Dec 29th, 2009, 1:27pm


What a relief to hear similar stories, there is some feeling of comfort.  Thank you for all sharing!  


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by seek4peace on Jan 3rd, 2010, 6:00am

Hello to everyone and Happy 2010.
I am new to this site and I'm so glad to find others in the same boat.

I have a history of Generalised Anxiety Disorder which has been very mild, but chronic.  I recently early 2009 got some chest pains and went through to whole ER experience where a murmur was detected.  The chest pains (Dx non-cardiac) lasted for 9 months and after that the palps started.  I'm sure they are a follow on reaction from the stress of 9 months of pain, but they are scary regardless.  I am a fit, healthy and extremely capable woman and when it happens I have no control over it.  I really don't like that.

Anyway it's nice to be here and I hope to learn lots about managing my issues.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Otto Madick on Jan 22nd, 2010, 2:29pm

Thank you RLR for all the help you have been to me and did not have to ask a question. I have learned a lot by reading all the posts and finding out I have a lot of company. I'm not quite as old as you, but hope to be in about ten years!

as you would say "good Health"


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by YosemiteSam on Feb 16th, 2010, 5:29pm


Thanks for letting me join this informative forum. I am nearly 32 years old, a mother to 3 young kids (4.5, 2.5 and 4 months).

I look forward getting to know you all, and hopefully be reassured by the informations here.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by marti on Feb 28th, 2010, 7:53am

I'm so glad I found you all.  Been fighting palps for awhile now.  First time around my potassium was low.  After that I went hyperthyroid and was dx with Graves disease.  Also have multiple sclerosis.

Nice to meet you.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Qgirl on Apr 6th, 2010, 3:07am

Hi everyone,

This is the best site I have found so far for sane, logical info and the only one I will use now (which hopefully won't be too often, if you will forgive me for saying! :D)

RLR deserves a medal and so do all the other people who provide regular support here, thank you all.

See you around the forum,


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by daybyday on Apr 7th, 2010, 12:03pm

I posted for a while back a few years then would occasionally check in without posting.   I have GAD and all its body manifestations.  :(
It is comforting here, knowing others understand and care, and RLR is always ready to help.
No one ever minimizes our struggles, fears, worries.
For all this I am thankful for this site.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by AliceB on Apr 30th, 2010, 11:41am

Hi,  Just checking in and saying hi.  I have been to many sites over the years but am particularly pleased to discover this one.  I have suffered from PVC's for more than thirty years--not continuously, thank goodness--but often enough to feel that they have often intruded into my life and caused much anxiety and suffering. I am currently having a bad few months, hence looking on-line for new information.  The discussions here have been full of new and helpful information.

I like that the connection with the vagus nerve and digestive issues is addressed because I have suspected this for some time.  I also have wondered why there seems to be a connection to one's position and find the PVC's much worse when I lie down to read or sleep at night.
And I get them frequently after eating dinner.  Now, I just need to figure out how to get rid of them!  

Thanks for this site and all its reassurance.  AliceB

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Beat on May 2nd, 2010, 2:35pm

I'm delighted to stumble across this forum and wisdom imparted by RLR and other commentators; as a 53-year-old man suffering from extra beats since age 18, you'd think I'd have a handle on the stress and anxiety produced, so it is great to seek reassurance from fellow sufferers and offer mine, that I'm healthy, when many of my peers are not.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by chantel on May 11th, 2010, 1:05pm

HEY everyone im newbie im chantel 25 from worcestershire mummy to 3 beautifulk boys and youngest colby is just 3mnths old .been suffering with anxiety but now sufering loads of scarey effects would love some info on palps an what u all feel frm them my biggie is heart beat fluttering in my throat and everywhere its nasty .hope ur all ok and having a good day lots of love c.xxxx

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by jason on May 12th, 2010, 1:06am

Hi There :)

Come over to the symptoms part to post and learn more, Jason - I'm also quite new :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by e_ramon on May 15th, 2010, 1:29pm

Hi all, I'm Edward, 20 years old and have been afflicted with anxiety, panic attacks, ectopics and so on since I was 18. Really glad to have found this site and I'm somewhat relieved that my symptoms aren't as unusual as I initially thought. Reading people's stories has really helped to keep me self-assured, so I thank you all :)ß

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by jazzmynn on May 15th, 2010, 6:23pm

Hi, I'm a 58 year old female who has had palpitations since I was pregnant 30 years ago.
My doctors have checked me out thoroughly and say nothing is wrong, but I still get upset with the sensation.
It has ruined my life as far as travelling, etc.
I just heard about this site and I pray I will learn from others, and that I will feel better.

God Bless You All!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stav98 on Jun 7th, 2010, 10:24am

Hi All!

Wanted to drop quick hello and to say thanks to the contributors here.  Very informative.



Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Typer on Jun 9th, 2010, 10:25am

Hi Mart.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by GrantN on Jul 14th, 2010, 2:15pm

Hello everyone, I've already posted a long post in the main forum.  My name is Grant, I live in Kansas, I'm 35 (almost 36) and I first noticed my palps a couple weeks ago (June 26th).  I am a big time worry wart, I worry about everything and it can become obsessive at times.  Right now my mind is obsessed with worrying about the PACS that I've been diagnosed with.  I've also had some things checked out over the last two weeks....24 hour holter monitor which confirmed the PACS, blood work (normal), echo (normal), treadmill test (normal)....been told they are common and that I'm fine....but yet I'm still struggling.  I would do anything to "feel normal" again.  I look forward to reading everyone's experiences and posts...take care!


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by cck9 on Aug 5th, 2010, 8:30am

Hi guys,

Sorry I have been posting without officially  introducing myself.  This is a great site.  Unfortunately it took  4 years to find it.  My palps are all PACs,  My recent holter monitor revelealed 4999 of the PACs. sometimes I feel them every other beat all day long.  Very debilitating life altering, affects quality of life.  I know I am not dying, not scared of dying of heart issues, mine is just the constant annoyance will drive you to lose your sanity.

But having a site like this knowing your not alone is wonderful.  Thank you RLR for all your supportive information.   cck9

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by moira on Aug 31st, 2010, 11:48am

Hi all, I am Moira, have issues with palps and rapid heart beat and high blood pressure, so have health anxiety around all of this.  Glad I found this place, and wish everyone all the best!!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by jason on Sep 2nd, 2010, 8:29am

Welcome  :)
see you around no doubt  :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by cyndie on Sep 15th, 2010, 5:26am

i understand everyones concern since when the pvc's are felt(which this episode, i've been getting them every 3-5 beats when im standing or sitting)thank goodness im getting a brake when i lay down ...everytime they happen it's like an alarm goes off in my body of a startle feeling and a panic in my brain of "somethings wrong, how can this be ok for my body?, maybe they didn't find REALLY whats wrong, this can't be good, maybe things changed from the last time i was to the doctor ...on and on and on..........i am a mother of 6 and i myself am 47yrs...my first 4 kids are all adults and im a grandma 4 1/2 times my one daughter in law is expecting again..and my two little ones are 7yrs and 4 yrs daughter and my son.....this has been my second episode of these runs with the pvc's and i cry since i feel like i become in some way handicaped since i do everything just wanting to lay down so the pvc'c can go away and i can feel normal(i also have my beautiful 95 yr old mom living with me and i care for her...i feel so helpless and angry at the same time...in the past about 15 to 20 yrs ago i would get the palpatation and then it would go into svt's where the first time i got this i called the ambulance and informed my kids that if i fell to the floor to please let the people in that were comming to the house that mommy would be ok...once the emt's got to my house they stopped. i was put on antenenol.25mgs and was instructed how to do the baring down vagus vagal technic...i love riding horses and doing sports but am always holding back since even on the medicine anything can trigger off...i was told by a doctor i could have a procedure done(cathedar ablation)that this might help....now all of a sudden these wonderful constant pvc's are visiting me :-[ ... it just becomes so time consuming to worry and i don't want to but i can't stop the worries from going through my mind!!!! theses pvc's started on sept 4th after my oldest son got married i was stressed, exhausted and releaved that my mom was ok throught he whole wedding considering she fainted at my other sons wedding 2 yrs ago and i spent the reception party time in the er after the ambulance drive to the hospital in my gown with my husband(it was horrible) everyone was so upset....Thank God all turned out ok...well...... now what to do ??? take another medicine? ride it out see if they go away? and oh i forgot to mention that when i do stand up i feel a ball in my stomach it feels tence not a pain just like a tight muscle or something ......this sight is a God sent!!!!!! im sorry everyone on here is having a bad time with the palpatations(pvc's)......but i do Thank God im still here and hope to be for still quite some time........before i go i also wanted to mention i read about a "wolff parkinsons white syndrome" i need to mention this to my cardio dr today since i do remember experiencing feeling my heart beating fast when i was young....anyway...looking forward to any responces to my letter-- feel good and God Bless........

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Nelsonn on Nov 12th, 2010, 1:14am

Hello Friends
I am Nelsonn
new over here..

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stav98 on Nov 12th, 2010, 4:39am

Wotcha Nelsonn!  Welcome to the forums!

Hope you find some real useful information around.  If you've not done so already I recommend working your way thought the Heart Palpitation 101 posts at the top of the General Discussions forum (this one).


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by aks85 on Nov 19th, 2010, 5:54pm

I'm a noob. I'm a 25 yr old mother of 3 and military wife. I have issues with palps of.a.skip or extra beat in nature. rarely flutters or tachy.
I am a photographer part time in portraiture and wildlife. I am also nearly.finished with my Psychology degree with a specialization in Anxiety disorders.
I.hope to make.strong connections here so we can help each other with this

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Andrea on Nov 19th, 2010, 9:39pm

Hi everyone. I've posted here lots but I figure I'll introduce myself a teeny bit.

My name is Andrea, I'm 28 years old. I'm engaged to be married. I have a bachelor's degree in social work, and I'm working on my master's degree in social work starting next summer.

My palps started 2 months ago, I had 3 bad run-ons of them in the first month. Since then it's been a stray ka-thunk in the chest here and there, not more than once per day.. if that. Had the usual tests, all came back negative. I think mine are brought on by anxiety and my bad stomach.

I also think the vagus nerve is a huge jerk for causing all of these problems. :P

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by ty on Dec 12th, 2010, 10:39am

Hi every one my name is ty I'm a 29  male from south africa, I'm a super bike mechanic,and just had a beautiful little son, and my skipping or double beats cause a lot of stress, so any help will be amazing, and to all reading this my best wishes and blessing,s for xmas and new year to you and your family's

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by lorri on Jan 15th, 2011, 7:05am

Hi fellow sufferers,  Im thrilled that i have found this site, after 10 years of worry it is brilliant to find that im not alone and that everyone on here keeps hearing the same advice from docs and cardiologists "dont worry" easier said than done.
Iv been having eptopics for10 yrs and through numerous investigations they have discovered that i also have RVOT and trivial MR. I never fully believe the docs cos they are always to busy and just want rid of you but it was a massive relief when i got the same answer from RLR "dont worry"  I thank the lord that i found this site and his advice :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by minorstuff on Feb 26th, 2011, 12:45pm

hi everyone! new to the site! hope i can get and give some help!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by jez on Mar 8th, 2011, 2:14pm


Discovered this site by chance and it looks great; should be helpful to hear the voews of others with the same problems/  I have been suffering from runs of ectopics and AF for 10 years.  They disappear for months at a time and then for no apparent reason return.  Usually suffer them for a few months at a time before they go again.  Am on a 2.5mg Beta B ( Bisoprolol) everything else is normal.

So hi and look forward to chatting


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Mandk19 on Mar 15th, 2011, 1:26pm

Hi everyone !! I'm a 23 yr old female from the UK. I have been suffering from heart palpitations since December last year, have had numerous admissions to A&E.
Am so glad that I have found this site, and see that I am not the only one.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by stressed lady on Apr 26th, 2011, 3:40am

Hello everyone!  I'm a 39yr old female from Sussex and I've just joined the forum because I have been suffering from palpitations and panic disorder since last August.  I'm so glad to find somewhere where people are going through the same worries and symptoms as me.  I am looking forward to having a look around the forum and hopefully I will be able to feel better and banish my panic for good! :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by EclecticEd on May 10th, 2011, 10:29am

Hello all. I am a 66 yr man whose had periodic bouts with palpitations for as long as I can remember. I have been on beta blockers ( 150 mg metoprolol a day ) since a heart attack in 1995. I am very happy to have chanced upon this site: Just finding out that there are so many fellow sufferers is reassuring. I look forward to chatting with you all.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Typer on May 10th, 2011, 11:03am

Hi electic - welcome  :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by PainterLady on May 19th, 2011, 5:34am

Thank you for this forum! I found it when I tried to find out about my own AFIB. I am a 54 year old female, 5'2" 120 pounds. About 2 years ago I started experiencing AFIB just at the moment of falling asleep. It causes no pain, just absolutely wakes me up. It is worse when I lay on the left side. It happens most nights, but not every night. I would like to know what causes this and what the general treatment is, if there is any. I am never sick and don't ever go to the doctor. Is there a brain/heart connection causing this or does it happen because my heart is slowing down as I fall asleep? I am a bit puzzled and worried and have a doctor's appointment soon. ::)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by rainbowQ on May 21st, 2011, 1:22pm


Now I'd better have said hello and told you a little more about me. :-)

6 years ago I witnessed a bank robbery at very close range. I was in the bank with my little son at 1 ½ years.

A half year after this event I experienced my first panic attack, I was 34 years.

Ever since my life has been destroyed by anxiety, fear of dying.

Before that I was a happy and spontaneous person I loved my work at the hospital.

I have all these years had an extreme fear of failing something with the heart, or have cardiovascular disease. My father had a heart attack when he was 48, he survived. There are others in my family who have cardiovascular disease and some have died from it.

Now I have got a lot of extra beats from the heart, and until now there is still no doctors have been able to convince me that they are harmless.

I wonder: Where do they come from? Can they do other rhythm disturbances? Can they make blood clots?  Are they  dangerous when you get shortness of them?

Are they dangerous when they are mainly from the activity?

Unfortunately I smoke 3 cigarettes a day, and luckily I stopped this because as soon as I smoke a cigarette so I got extra hard blow. But I am afraid that the cigarettes I have smoked in my life has done damage to my heart (and earlier I smoked more than 3 a day, then I smoked 15 cigarettes per day)

I'm afraid to die from my little son. I do not know what I should be aware of.

I've had ECG and Holter. However, these studies still? or heart may have changed?

Now I'm 39 and can no longer say that heart diseases are seldom my age group.

I would like to hear how others have come through the anxiety and extra systole, without sitting at home every day with anxiety and fear in the body. I dare not go out anymore, so I get plenty of extra shots.

Im crying for my wasted life and Im crying for fear of dying and Im crying  for fear of those extra shots.   :'( :-/ :-[

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by shelly11 on May 23rd, 2011, 5:17pm

Hello everyone! I am a 37 year old female and I have suffered from palpitations for 22 years and from SVTs for 17 years. My palpitations are an everyday thing - some days are better and some days are worse. Anyway, I look forward to speaking with other members.  :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by soph22 on Jun 7th, 2011, 7:46am

hia everyone, didnt see this here! my name is sophie, im 26 and live in yorkshire, uk. ive posted my story in the other forum so wont re post any of that. im expecting my first child next month...although im hoping a little earlier with all the problems ive had in pregnancy!! im having a boy  :) i also have another baby but thats my patterdale terrier, roxy. haha. she seriously thinks she is human!!

on another note. so glad i stumbled upon this place, it needs to go up on google rankings so that more people find it!!


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Dodger on Jun 7th, 2011, 10:19am

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to say a quick Hi to you all. Thank you in advance for all the help you all have already provided. I have been a sufferer of palpitations for a few years now and just cant believe that I have found this forum.

It is almost impossible to believe that all of the doctor visits and ER trips and this nerve could be the cause of my problems and nobody has ever mentioned it before.

I will be reading everything and posting in the other threads soon. :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Typer on Jun 9th, 2011, 7:38am

Welcome Dodger

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by wendy63 on Jul 10th, 2011, 4:06pm

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy and I am from the UK.
I found this forum by googling palpitation forum.
I am looking forward to getting to know you and maybe getting some info about palpitations.
Just wanted to introduce myself and really loking forward to getting to know you all.

Hugzz Wendy.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Typer on Jul 12th, 2011, 7:29am

Hiya Wendy and welcome

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by wendy63 on Jul 12th, 2011, 10:54am

Thank you very much.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by randi86 on Jul 20th, 2011, 8:41am

hello..i came across this site by searching for my heart symptoms im having. ive read some posts on here and it seems that this forum will be very helpful to me; as it seems to have helped others! I hope to make some online friends to discuss concerns with and just help put each others minds at ease. :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by buggsie on Jul 23rd, 2011, 5:19pm

Hi there,  :)  another newbie here.  Searching for info about heart palpitations !  My 18 yr old son got Glandular Fever in September last year.  He was very athletic, playing basketball 5 nights a week.  It has been a very slow recovery.  

He is now attempting to get back into basketball, but whenever he takes the court, or practises hard at home, he gets alarming palpitations.  So yeah, off to read some posts now !

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by dani on Jul 23rd, 2011, 10:48pm

Hi My name is Dani and i am also new and have posted something on the other site ,before i read this site. Suffered a heart attack a year ago,-symptoms so mild you could have missed it (No Pain)-Normal  blood pressure,normal cholestrol,i am thin ,no heart blockages, been put on aspirin which is causing all sorts of stomach problems .I have  heart racing,flying along ,clammy about to pass out but only when i am in bed at night- which causes me to ring ambulance as i am thinking i am having another heart attack-normal ecgs every time-i am 58 and have never felt so unwell-i used to be able to work 6 days week -run familyetc with energy and optism to spare
Thank you so much for this site -at least we can talk about symptoms and feelings  without being judged

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Robb on Jul 24th, 2011, 1:12pm

Hello, a first-timer to the website here.  RLR found me on another forum and recommended I try this one.  My symptoms are well beyond palpitations, mine are long episodes of atrial fibrillation.  I have been told that 2 things are necessary for AF to occur, (1) an atrium that is susceptable and capable of fibrillation and (2) something to trigger the fibrillation.  I am convinced that the trigger in my case is my vagus nerve.  I have symptoms of a dominant parasympathetic nervous system; bradycardia, low body temperature, hoarseness and thick saliva.  Initially my fibrillation was triggered by something that would stimulate the vagus nerve in my stomach such as eating spicy food, bending over, golfing and faster jogging.  Now the episodes start with less specific activity but are more frequent when I am more active.  I can usually feel a tenseness or spasms in the area about an inch above my navel before the fibrillation begins.  One more symptom that is related is occasional slight numbness on the left side of my face, usually when I am having fibrillation.  The facial trigeminal nerve shares a path with the vagus nerve in the brain.  I am taking an anti-arhythmic drug that really doesn't help much and am considering getting a radio frequency ablation to prevent the fibrillation.  By the way, this all started with short palpitations about 10 years ago.  I came to this site in search of some way to quiet down my over-sensitive vagus nerve/PNS.  I am wondering if my PNS is too dominant or if my sympathetic nervous system too weak.  For some reason there is an imbalance.  I just discovered that elevated blood sugar levels can damage the vagus nerve.  My levels have been in the 100 - 110 range for the last 3 or 4 years.  Even though I wouldn't be considered diabetic I wonder if long-term elevated levels could cause nerve damage that would make my vagus nerve jumpy.  Besides lowering blood sugar level (which I intend to do), is there any way to restore a damaged vagus nerve?  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Robb  ::)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by chuck on Aug 17th, 2011, 6:18pm

hello everyone, i'm new here. i had been mostly lurking for a while. i found this site during one of my recent heart palpitation events...thankfully many of you are positive and that is very important

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by stella on Aug 23rd, 2011, 9:07am

Hi My name is stella from the UK.

Have suffered palps for many years and am still worried by them. So much so that I have called the ambulance twice in the past.

Anyway have been sent to a cardio and had a scan and it showed a moderate amount of fluid around my heart. Well it has not helped me in the least to know THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It scared me and now am even more scared by all these palps. Also other symptoms going on which they tell me are anxiety, not too sure about that. :-[

So thats a little about me

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by lorri on Sep 3rd, 2011, 8:37am

hi, i dont often post on here but i read posts and gain great reassurance from Rlrs advice. My anxiety about my ectopics and rvot have decreased massively since i found this site. THANKYOU :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by marti on Sep 26th, 2011, 4:03pm

I popped into this forum awhile ago, but I don't think I ever said "hello".  Sorry for the delay.  I've gotten so much good information here!  There is nothing as scary as palpitations!

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by wendyT on Oct 10th, 2011, 1:51am

hello there folks, just joined in..:) and I'm glad to be here, it's pretty interesting to read the topics posted in the forum.

see you around guys..:)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by lmg83brown on Nov 27th, 2011, 11:01pm

Hi I am a new member and I really hope someone will read my new post.......

Title: szkolenia bhp
Post by cyulyz on Dec 6th, 2011, 1:45pm

Kindly cultivation requires a hello, so hello and appetite you all warmly and look forward to a delicious and frugiferous discussion.            
Unsurpassed Regards

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by jay on Dec 13th, 2011, 11:42pm

Hi all, I am Jay and am very pleased to find this forum as I finally don't feel so alone in my journey with getting answers to health problems. Looking forward to chatting with some of you. :D

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by SK on Dec 20th, 2011, 6:40pm

Hello everyone,
I just found this website and it feels great to know that I can speak to someone that understands me! I have been experiencing anxiety and palpitations, I have visited many doctors this last year in search for answers and no one has been able to explain things as you have in this forum, the palpitations 101 threads are very informative and I thank you deeply for publishing those.
I have ups and downs, times when the palpitations are very frequent and times when they almost disappear but overall I like to believe that I am in my way to recovery.
It is nice to meet you all and I wish you the best.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by marci22 on Jan 1st, 2012, 4:50am

I have found this forum after reading through many others. I have read through many posts by RLR and he adds a level of calm, reassurance and logic that is missing in many of those other forums.

Chronic anxiety coupled with a recent bout of severe pvc's has led me to search out more information on the subject. I am currently undergoing tests and hope to find a cause (or hopefully, a lack of a pathological one) for my condition.

Here's to giving up anxiety in 2012  ;)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by DirtGirl on Jan 5th, 2012, 4:01pm

Glad I came over to this side, I would have missed the welcome thread if I had just stayed on the medical side.

I am newly diagnosed with LBBB with Palpitations and mild cardio-myopathy. This is all new to me so I hope to gather and share helpful information with all of you as we progress. :-)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Joni999 on Jan 6th, 2012, 8:43pm

Hi All.  I'm so glad to have found this information.  In all the years of [my] research trying to get answers that the doctors can't find - this has been THE BEST information.   I've had heart palpitations for as long as I can remember but they used to be just occasional.  Now, it's daily and NIGHTLY.  I also get the choking sensation and of course, have anxiety/panic issues.  So glad to read the information here.  VERY helpful.  Just checking in to the welcome thread....  Thanks again.  Joni in Florida.  

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Borek on Sep 6th, 2012, 9:36am

Hi All, my name is Borek and I will try to keep the forum alive.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Borek on Sep 6th, 2012, 9:37am

3rd post needed to contact RLR privately.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by 4Runner on Sep 19th, 2012, 11:55am

Hello Everyone

Just joined today and am looking forward to doing a LOT of reading . Nice looking site .


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Mercedes55 on Dec 11th, 2012, 6:06am

Hi, my name is Lyn and I found this site from the No More Panic Forum.  I have had palpitations on and off since the late 70's and have suffered with anxiety and agoraphobia for all those years too.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by dhar2112 on Dec 13th, 2012, 10:26am

New here, too.  Already read Parts 1 thru 6 and reinforced what I already deemed to be true.  Very helpful.  Had anxiety and palps since mid-80s.  First time diagnosed with panic was the last time I saw a Dr. about it.  I was comforted to know what was up and have had good health since.  Still struggle with anxiety, though, and palps, although life is good.  This seems like a really good place to go when I need some assurance.  Sometimes, that's the best treatment.  Good luck to all and hope to contribute in some way.  

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by zilly84 on Dec 16th, 2012, 8:14pm

Hi my name is Liz. I believe I've been having palpitations most my life. They never scared me as a child. I'd just feel a heart beat in my throat for a second. They didn't come too frequently, maybe every couple months or years. I never noticed them really until last year before I got pregnant. I was very dehydrated at the time and noticed a heavy thump in my chest when laying on my right side. It happened a couple times in one week but laying on my left side would help it. Well I started taking better care of myself and ended up pregnant and did not experience the thumping again. I just assumed it was an electolyte imbalance due to dehydration. Well fast forward to the weeks following my son's birth. I started noticing a weird tickily feeling in my chest. Like butterflies in your stomach when you are excited. Except I wasn't excited. I now identify that as adrenaline. I'm not sure when I had my first PVC but I do know that I started having anxiety. I was on zoloft and that helped the anxiety. I ended up moving and started drinking a bit and I think that's when the palpitations started happening more frequently. Well after a couple months of drinking and dealing with anxiety and palpitations I've quit drinking and quit caffeine. I just recently started taking prozac (i got off zoloft around the time I moved and started drinking). I've been on 10 mgs for a week and felt my anxiety subsidies a bit. Yesterday was my first day taking 20 mgs. I was also a bit dehydrated, not bad like before though. Well after having a great day taking the kids to see Santa, I was laying in bed looking on my phone on the internet, when suddenly my heart jumped heavily. I felt my actual heart move. Normally I feel the palpitations in my throat. A couple months ago I had the same thing happen while laying flat on my back in bed. But at the time I was drinking alcohol a few times a week and I thought that what caused it. I did have one and a half drinks. Maybe it was that, or the dehydration, or upping my meds, or laying on my back, or staying up late. I'm going to schedule an appt tomorrow to check my heart out. I've been sad all day today because I thought since my anxiety is getting better that my palpitations were behind me. But since last night my anxiety has come back. Reading on this forum has helped some. I realize I'm probably fine. I'm 28, a healthy weight, don't smoke, now don't drink AT ALL, and avoid caffeine. I'm thinking I might just be one of the lucky people that get these for no resin. Once I talk to a doctor, I think I'll feel a lot better. Oh I'd like to add my blood pressure is always perfect whether pregnant or not.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by thart on Dec 20th, 2012, 2:46am

Hi, I'm Tom, living in the UK, trying to understand my condition. I've found the 101 very helpful and will investigate the site further.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by james1983 on Dec 24th, 2012, 5:17am

:'(hello everyone i am a heart palpitations sufferer and i just wanted to say hello to my fellow sufferers

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by kmwondering on Dec 31st, 2012, 5:08pm

so happy to have found this forum.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by sto12 on Jan 13th, 2013, 10:04pm

Hi everyone. I am school teachers living in Sydney Australia. I found my way here after visiting the nomorepanic forums. I am an infrequent visitor there but in times of high anxiety I sometimes visit there to have a read. It was after reading some replies by RLR that I decided to come here. In dealing with health anxiety for the last 11 years or so I have found that with one or two exceptions the only people who really understand it are other health anxiety sufferers. The exceptions being a psychiatrist I attended for a period of time 11 years ago when my anxiety was at its worst and my own GP. I'm not sure that he really understands it either but he tries his best to allay my fears.  :) It is clear to me that RLR truly understands the effects that the mind can have on the body and I don't think I have ever read anyone who makes more sense. I haven't had a chance to read many of the threads here yet but I already feel better by just being here.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Tweetiepie114 on Jan 19th, 2013, 12:50pm


I found this Forum by chance when searching the Web and it is so cool that I am not alone with the dreaded Ectopics.

I have read quite a few of the Topics and feel more at ease than I have done for a while.

Thank You for that.

Gail  :D

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Bludhalia on Jan 19th, 2013, 1:18pm

Hi Everyone

Thank YOU!!!  Thank you to RLR for such a great explanation of Paps and to everyone for sharing they experiences and stories.  I have found it very helpful and comforting by reading your posts that I am not alone.

I do have a question.  I have heard that some people with palps who started using Aloe Vera Gel cap or maybe it is Aloe Gel caps have been able to minized their palps and in some cases they actually dissapeared.  I wonder if anyone has heard of the same or anything else that might help.

Best Regards

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by honeybdee on Jan 25th, 2013, 8:22pm

Hello everyone. Just stumbled on this page tonight.  I am a 49 year female that is very healthy. I work out every day and eat a clean diet.I have been having pvc's for a few months after having an attack of vertigo around Thanksgiving. I have had them before but did not know what they were. I know they say they are not going to kill me, but I get very light headed and feel a "wave" wash over me. I sometimes get short of breath also. It is very scary and very hard not to panic. I am really glad I found this page. I hope it helps me understand these things better.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by JerBear320 on Apr 8th, 2013, 4:39pm

Hi all..  just came across this site today after suffering extreme anxiety over my palpitations that I have been experiencing over the past several months.

I'm hoping to read information that is helpful, and doesn't create more anxiety from all the Googling I've been doing. :o

Thank you for being here.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Pamela on May 27th, 2013, 3:38am

Hello.  I'm new here and have learnt more in a few hours reading than I have in all my life.  66, and suffering palps since 14.  

Thanks soooo much


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by lopezb2013 on Jun 19th, 2013, 8:02am

Hello, my daughter found this site for me.  I've been suffering with palpitations a few weeks but have had them before years ago.  Back then they started when I was smoking and drinking wine every night. so I quit but started back 3 years later.  Now they started after I quit smoking and drinking wine every night.  Weird.  I also suffer with vertigo from Meniere's and Positional vertigo and feel various sensations in my head and chest...waves, buzzing, vibrations. I think maybe I'm just made weird.  My chest has always been sensitive to loud noises such as drums, planes, car engines, etc. I'm hoping I can get some good advice here. ::)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by ericaboo on Jun 27th, 2013, 2:20pm

Hi - I just spent 6 hours in the emergency room last night due to palpitations that were much, much more painful than anything I have ever experienced.

So - now, I feel I should get more educated about this condition, and how concerned to be or not be...

I suffer from panic attacks and am accustomed to palpitations, but not to the degree I suffered last night.


Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by lopezb2013 on Jun 27th, 2013, 2:32pm

ericaboo, what did the ER doctor tell you?

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by ericaboo on Jun 28th, 2013, 1:10pm

They didn't find evidence of a heart attack in the blood tests, but said "something could be starting up" and that I should have a stress test.

I am up to my eyeballs in medical bills, so I'm checking to find out the cost and whether my normal doctors agree I need that...

What's odd is that I usually have occasional palpitations for a period of time, and then they subside (like a week or so).  This time, I hadn't been having them, and I haven't had any since.

So - this was really scary in its severity and the fact that it didn't follow my normal pattern...


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