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Message started by kirk on Feb 4th, 2007, 7:32am

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by kirk on Feb 4th, 2007, 7:32am

Good morning (I wish anyway)
I am having a pretty rough morning  once again.  I am constantly concerned about my heart racing even tho I am told it is beating normally.  I am afraid of eating some foods, that they will cause my heart to race or upset my stomach, cause diarhea or other symptoms.
I hear every heart beat and don't know how to distract myself from being so conscious of what is going on in my chest.  What do you do when you get anxious or nervous to help get rid of these feelings?  I am at my wit's end wondering what to do and where to go from here.
I started seeing a psychologist recently (one visit) and I do believe he is really going to be of great help but what do I do between visits?
Any help and or suggestions are welcomed.  I know I am not alone yet I feel as though I am the only one going through this right now.  Please help!



Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by david on Feb 4th, 2007, 8:36am

Hello.  I am trying to get into a chat room about heart palpitations/anxiety and have been unsuccessful so far.  Any suggestions?

Was there a certain chat room you were trying to enter? Or are you just having problems finding one in general?

A chat room is something that could be added here if enough members wanted it added.

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Kathryn on Feb 6th, 2007, 5:20am

Hi Kirk

Seeing a psychologist, is a great step.  Try not to focus too much on your heart beating, I know this is really difficult, but constantly listening and checking is just making it race faster.  You are putting your body in a anxious state, by worrying and your body is reacting how it should be when anxious.  From your thread it sounds as if you are constantly worrying about it.  

If you worry about eating certain foods then you eat that particular food you are then anticipating something to happen, also eating when you are anxious is not a great thing to do, as this will just irritate everything.  (unless you know you have food intolerances)

I hate it when my heart races.  It makes me feel breathless sometimes and just horrible really.

You haven't said if you've had any test done?  As it is always best to see your doctor, and get them to do tests, not that I think you have something terribly wrong, but it may help you to stop worrying so much.

When you are anxious it can irritate your stomach, as you can get nervous indigestion, this in turn can stimulate your vagus nerve.  Also when you are anxious about something, a natural reaction for your body is to evacuate all waste, so you end up on the toilet more.  

I hope this has helped a little, I'm no doctor and I'm sure RLR will give you help.


Kath x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by toto on Feb 6th, 2007, 5:52am

I was recommended this website on another website. Its worth a look at the other one because it is also quite informative and it has quite an active chat room in the evenings ( on UK time)
It is www.nomorepanic.co.uk
Hope this helps
BTW If it helps, I get ectopics too and when they start I feel awful. Really awful. Its the hardest health thing I've ever had to deal with or get my head around...(lucky me says RLR!) just because of the anxiety it causes.
Read everything you can and get support from wherever you can.
Good luck
Take care
Toni x

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Feb 6th, 2007, 3:02pm

Well Kirk, I'm not certain what benefit could be gained from a chat room specifically but with regard to heart palpitations and or anxiety, this may prove to be very beneficial site for you if a support group will suffice. If, however, you need real-time feedback, then we'll certainly see what we can do to help. Perhaps an instant messenger system could be provided if that would help make the site more beneficial.

I would suggest introducing yourself to the group here and express your concerns. There are a great number of people here who can relate to your predicament on a first-hand basis. If you need medical information, I'll always be around to help in that regard.

Best regards and Good Health  

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by RLR on Feb 6th, 2007, 3:13pm


I also just read your previous postings and one of the hallmark symptoms of IBS is the effects the GI tract can exert upon the Vagus nerve, which in turn can impose signals upon the normal sinus rhythm of the heart.

It's important, even critical, for you to realize that what is taking place is somatic only, meaning that your heart is not diseased, nor does it represent the underlying cause. I suggest that you read my postings in the header column of this forum entitled HEART PALPITATIONS 101, PARTS 1 through 6. It will help you to better understand what is happening and more importantly, allow you to relax because you are in reality, in no danger at all. I realize the symptoms are frightening, but they only represent symptoms and not actual disease.

Seeing a psychologist is a good start, especially if you feel confident that they can help you. A large part of what is taking place with you is rooted in the manner with which you both perceive and logically deduce what is taking place. Learning new ways to think about these events and other things in general can go a long way to help. You'll be fine.

Best regards and Good Health

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Jimbob on Feb 6th, 2013, 12:23am

Hi kirk, if it helps i recently developed GI issues and swiftly also had SVt with afib... I am in the Uk and my GP (md)... Has referred me to an electro cardiologist, but I am convinced my heart Svt etc is a by product of all the GI stuff. Go and get checked out to help yourself re heart worries...Be brave!  :)

Title: Re: The welcome thread
Post by Stlek Yekl on Apr 7th, 2013, 6:54pm

Very Nice

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