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Message started by angiebaby on Nov 22nd, 2010, 1:09pm

Title: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by angiebaby on Nov 22nd, 2010, 1:09pm

Hello.  I am a 40 year old woman and have been suffering with severe dizziness for 3 years now.  I have other health issue's but not connected with this.  I do not take any medications.  I have seen a balance expert, he thought it may be BPV, had MRI of neck and brain = all ok.  Had a neck xray - showed military neck (perfectly straight neck).  But nothing else.  I have seen two physiotherapist, no help.  I have mentioned Sternocleidmastoid syndrome and they have never heard of it.  My symptoms are many: Dizziness, blurred vision occasionally, watery eye's at times.  Nystagmus.  Tinnitus.  Jaw, neck, upper chest, shoulder, neck, arm pain.  Tingling in hands, normally left.  I have had my heart checked = ok and my bp is normal, mostly on the low side.  I also have this weird 'cutting off' sensation when moving my head, neck and this sometimes wakes me up at night.  This is very scary as i feel like i will collapse.  I also have hot/cold sensations in the back of my neck at times.  I can cope with pain but the dizziness is so severe i just want to sit in a chair and not move.  When i do move i am off balance, have walked into doors/frames and walls.  My eyes feel like they are rolling round in my head most of the time.  I loved reading but sometimes i can't do it as moving my eyes to read makes the dizziness worse!  I can't exercise as i am so unsteady and i now can only work 16 hours a week because of it.  It has made me have depression and anxiety and also have panic attacks and i feel so tired and listless all the time.  I have had my bloods done and all clear!  I just don't know where else to turn and never want to get up in the morning as i know as soon as i do, IT STARTS!  I am also getting severe muscle pains - arms, shoulders and legs.  If i do something repeatitive they feel like they are stuck and warm and ache.Can amyone please help me?

Title: Re: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by Stav98 on Nov 23rd, 2010, 8:12am

Have you seen a ENT specialist?  I have major virtigo for a month or more (on and off but more on than off!) and it was down to Eustation Tybe Syndrome.  There are loads of 'ear' type issues which can impact balance.

I've had some of your other symptoms but they were down to stress/anxiety and not the balance thing.

It maybe helpful (to yourself) to keep a diary of what happens when so you can maybe link different symptoms with different events.

That's what I had to do as I went from dizziness to panic/anxiety/stress with all the associated symptoms at various times.  It got difficult to tell what was what!

Title: Re: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by angiebaby on Nov 23rd, 2010, 12:45pm

Thankyou so much for your reply.

I did see an ENT specialist and he said all was fine!  
Noone can tell me what is wrong and it is so frustrating.
I KNOW that this is not caused by anxiety!  This is what caused me to actually HAVE the anxiety anyway lol.
I have been for a meeting today and i was not anxious at all, quite looking forward to it actually.  I enjoyed it as well, apart from the cutting off in my neck and head whilst i was there.  This proves to me yet again that anxiety does not start this off as i was great this morning.  
I had to go up two flights of stairs to get in the room and i was also fine doing that, then i went across the corridor and through two doors and got in the room, took off my coat and then the cutting off started.  It must be something to do with my back/neck surely?

Title: Re: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by angiebaby on Nov 23rd, 2010, 2:02pm

Little update!

Last night i felt so desperate and low about all of this going on that i posted to one of these websites that can give health advice. I put down all of my symptoms for my head, neck etc but gave no information of my circumstances.

This qualified therapist person has replied to my question on what this could be and she says that all of my symptoms can be caused by the 'sternocleidomastoid muscle' in my neck!! Apart from the tingling in my hands, which can be caused by another two muscles. She says that as these muscles are the problem, it CAN BE TREATED!

I know that i am no further forward, as such, as none of the health professionals that i have spoken to knows of this syndrome. The only way i knew about it was from RLR.  I also know that i can not afford a Chiropractor anyway, but i can find things to help me, exercises and such. I feel a little better today and am thankful that all my symptoms can be caused by this syndrome. This proves that i am not mad and i should not have been 'fobbed' off by different health professionals along the way as 'someone who has anxiety!'. I KNEW that the anxiety was not the problem, the problem was causing the anxiety!

I am glad that i have continued to search for answers and now it looks like i may have finally found some. Albeit 3 years down the line lol.


Title: Re: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by Stav98 on Nov 24th, 2010, 1:37am

An interesting finding!

With regards to the Anxiety comment don't forget there are many items to take in to account so I wouldn't simply discard it; instead review it in line with all the other 'stuff'.  If I think back through my experiences I feel that stress was my trigger...the thing about stress is that you don't always know you're suffering from it!

I'm interested in the neck comment though.

My virtigo first started when I went weight lifting with my brother-in-law...he's a strong man...I'm far from such a thing.  I tried to push myself a little too far which ended up with diziness that wouldn't go away.  As noted before I was told I'd done something to my ears due to the pressure causing Eustation Tube whatsits.

HOWEVER!  My secret tool was a microwave bean bag thing...as time went on I felt a lot of pressure in my neck which it associated with the times I really felt quite unwell.  A warm wrap around my neck seemed to help no end...I still use it to this day.

SO...I wonder if I in fact did something muscular!  Will probably never really know (this was a couple of years ago), but an interesting thought.

Title: Re: These symptoms are getting worse!
Post by angiebaby on Nov 24th, 2010, 12:43pm

Thankyou for your reply.  I won't disregard the anxiety issue though as i know that it will still be there and i won't be able to assess anything until i can sort out my neck anyhoo lol.

That is interesting about your neck isn't it?  But it is brilliant that you managed to get through it and found something that worked so well for you.

I will let you know if i have any breakthroughs lol. x

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