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Message started by richie on Sep 10th, 2012, 10:40pm

Title: Roemheld syndrome RLR
Post by richie on Sep 10th, 2012, 10:40pm

Roemheld syndrome is characterized strictly by abdominal maladies triggering reflexes in the heart. There are a number of pathways through which cardiac reflexes can occur: hormones, mechanical, neurological and immunological.

Mechanically induced RS is characterized by pressure in the epigastric and left hypochondriac region. Often the pressure is in the fundus of the stomach, esophagus or distention of the bowel. It is believed this leads to elevation of the diaphragm, and secondary displacement of the heart. This reduces the hearts ability to fill and increases the contractility of the heart to maintain homeostasis.

The mechanical changes in the gut can compress the vagus nerve at any number of locations along the vagus, slowing the heart. As the heart slows, autonomic reflexes are triggered to increase blood pressure and heart rate.

This is complemented by gastro-coronary reflexes whereby the coronary arteries constrict with "functional cardiovascular symptoms" similar to chest-pain on the left side and radiation to the left shoulder, dyspnea, sweating, up to angina pectoris -like attacks with extrasystoles, drop of blood pressure, and tachycardia (high heart beat) or sinus bradycardia (heart beat below 60). Typically, there are no changes / abnormalities related in the EKG detected. This can actually trigger a heart attack for persons with cardiac structural abnormalities i.e. coronary bridge, missing coronary, and atherosclerosis.

This sounds a lot like our vagus like palps or from the GI.
Roemheld syndrome it is called. Roemheld isnt 100% benign.

So my question is, what is the difference and how do you know what kind of problems you have?

mine is accompanied with many gass, active bowels, burping a lot , pain on the bit right side of the sternum often. pain below the sternum. bodily positions. cant have exercising too much or my heart rate explodes. I have hiatus hernia. Roemheld doesnt sound as anxiety , only you can experience anxiety due to the symptoms. Thats more what sounds right imo. and how it all started in my case. In the beginning I wasnt anxious. I just had the symptoms. When it became worse the anxiety kicked in with it

It is said here its not 100% benign.
or do i misunderstand ?
I know and understand i have no acute life threatening problem, otherwise I would have died already the past 4.5 years.
What I do want to know. How do I know I have Roemheld or only anxiety , or GI vagus, or.. and why will this always be benign?

Title: Re: Roemheld syndrome RLR
Post by richie on Sep 12th, 2012, 11:14am

I really wouldnt be surprised if all of my problems are triggered by this syndrome. That I react to  with anxiety I truly believe.
I also have a hiatus Hernia (diaphragm).  this all could very well cause my problems

This Roemheld syndrome would never be found on a ECG or in a stress test.
So taking into account the symptoms this syndrome gives I could just as easily have a 'physical' cause where I react upon with anxiety!!

If, and purely hypothetical, lets assume I might have Roemheld syndrome. Would there be any other way of approaching my problem?
Or would it all be the same as benign palps and anxiety?

Is it still from outside the heart? (i would guess so)

Why is it sometimes fatal, in people with heart problems?
Can it by itself cause heart problems?

And how can I treat this the right way?
lose weight?

I'm very interested to learn more about this.

Title: Re: Roemheld syndrome RLR
Post by martinpetersen on Sep 14th, 2012, 5:25am

The question is wether it can be said to be a "disease". Even Wikipedia states that: "Determining the cause of Roemheld syndrome is still not an exact science. If you have an ultrasound or sleep study, ensure that you know how to reproduce the symptoms, as it is difficult to detect any abnormalities when symptoms have subsided."

As I see it, it is a list of symtomps which sometimes, and sometimes not are causal connected. But interesting reading.

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