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Message started by andrew6744 on Feb 5th, 2013, 6:53am

Title: My heart palps?
Post by andrew6744 on Feb 5th, 2013, 6:53am

Hello. I have had episodes of heart palpitations for at least 20 years now. This last episode has lasted 2 weeks now. Last night was the worst. My heart was fluttering so bad constantly I thought I was going to die. As I write this it is fluttering about every ten beats. I'm scared.

I remember going to the doctor when I was 9 because my heart beat so hard all of the time. The cardiologist did a whole bunch of tests at the time. One of them they injected me with something that made my heart pump EXTREMELY HARD. Everything came back normal. I am 30 now and the last test I had done was an EKG and it came back sinus arrhythmia. This was about 7 years ago. I decided to have no further tests done because I was scared to. This weighed on my mind and I decided to go back to the doc with the intention of getting those tests. To my surprise he told me that I'm fine and not to worry about it... Easier said than done! But it did give me some piece of mind to hear that. I should also mention that the reason I went to the doc was because I was having a bad flutter episode overnight that lasted about 6 hours. I was on the phone with the nurse and she was saying I should probably go to the ER. While on the phone with her I ended up gagging and they went away for some reason. Weird.

Eventually I ended up going to a different clinic. Last April my heart was on my mind again and I brought it up to my GP and he said I'm young and not to worry about it. Ugh.

I should also tell u that I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks all the time. I am a smoker. This episode seems to be lasting forever and I am scared but I really don't want to have to visit the ER. I'm affrraid if I go to my GP that they will just send me to the ER. Please help

Title: Re: My heart palps?
Post by andrew6744 on Feb 5th, 2013, 7:05am

I should also add that while I have anxiety every day, I sometimes can't decipher whether I have panic attacks from the palps or the palps give me the panic attacks. I don't get the palps every time I have a panic attack. If this was something very serious would I have other symptoms like chest pains, severe dizziness, major shortness of breath etc?? This episode did seem to come out of nowhere. It is wearing me down. Thank you for reading.

Title: Re: My heart palps?
Post by andrew6744 on Feb 5th, 2013, 7:11am

Sorry for all the posts but I also wanted to mention that I also take atenolol 25 mg twice per day and Xanax. I also take Prevacid every morning because I have had heartburn/acid reflux since I was about 18. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Title: Re: My heart palps?
Post by andrew6744 on Feb 5th, 2013, 3:43pm

Again. Sorry for posting so much and also putting this on another page. I'm new to this. I have an appointment on Friday. Don't see how I can take this another 2 days. Feeling sick

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