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Message started by josh27 on Apr 5th, 2013, 2:22pm

Title: rlr and very confused
Post by josh27 on Apr 5th, 2013, 2:22pm

ok back in august of last year I was diagnosed with anxiety with no other problems I was always sick after eating. I then was put on evey med in the book to get over anxiety no matter whet they put me on it didn't really help. I still just worse and then ended with the first thing wrong three retina tears in one month and almost wengt blind put in a ward because I was seeing flashing lights stars shadows all this other stuff. so I had enough went to walmart saterday night and ended up having surgery that night. right before that my gp just got done telling me it was all in my head. so I was still complaining of chest pain went to the er and they said my heart was fine but had chronic hematuria which stilkl I have no answer to. I went and had scopes put in every place in my body with no results. then after that I had a tilt table and was diagnosed with pots and neurocardiogentic syncope. was sent home and told it wasn't to much you could do for it. but shouldn't cause the chest pain then I had two 24 hour holters the first one showed one arrhythmia and a pvc nothing to worry about. the next one they lost on 11/5 that they just found today witch showed runs of 5 of pvcs witch really scares me. so then a week ago my cardologist told me that I had a rbbb witch was nothing to worry about and then sent me on my way well today I was sent to the elctro guy and he said I didn't this also worrys me. why can one say it was congential and the other say its not there? there both with the heart and in the same building why are they not communicating? I was also diagnosed with ms and have six lesions on my brain at the moment. im starting to thing I have a major organ issue here and there not catching it. im only 24 and very scared that I wont be around for my son im trying hard to stay calm but how do I trust these people that said its all in my head and six moths later there wanting to see an ep study and all that. I don't want to put them down in anyway I just want to be better I want to eat without stabbing chest pain I want to see my kid grow up I don't want to wake up and 1 hour later be so exhausted that I cant move. im sorry for the whinning and long post I know there worse people off im just scared and wonder what RLR thinks and what you guys think and expierenced thanks.

Title: Re: rlr and very confused
Post by josh27 on Apr 9th, 2013, 11:23am

has anyone had these similar problems my chest gets hurts a lot with no reason why im chronically fatigued it sucks please any advise would help.

Title: Re: rlr and very confused
Post by beadbabe on Apr 10th, 2013, 8:47am

I can't give medical advice obviously but it certainly sounds like you have had more than your fair share of medical issues to contend with, and so I would say it is not surprising you have anxiety about your health.

Anxiety can cause a lot of weird 'heart' things - and if your heart has been cleared as structurally normal, none of these weird things are ever likely to harm you.

As for some of the heart symptoms being all in your head, the symptoms are not in your head, they do happen, but they may come from your head. Anxiety can cause some pretty spectacular effects - as many of us on here know first hand.  ;)

Just some thoughts, chest pain when you eat, could be indigestion. (My husband has had this, and he has no heart issues or concerns.) Fatigue could be down to the MS, isn't fatigue a common symptom of MS?


Title: Re: rlr and very confused
Post by josh27 on Apr 11th, 2013, 3:43pm

yea but I don't really beleave its ms I still think its my heart I think I hace cad but they say im to young. I wish there was a way to get them to check. I don't no im just scared that they wont find what my problem is before its to late.

Title: Re: rlr and very confused
Post by George on Apr 11th, 2013, 7:42pm

Based solely on what I have been able to read on the Internet, it seems that cardiac electrophysiology is a subspeciality of cardiology. It would seem reasonable to conclude the electrophysiologist likely has more education/experience with respect to the electrical system of the heart than a cardiologist since more training is required.

I believe a person must complete a general cardiology fellowship as well as a fellowship in electrophysiology before being allowed to practice without supervision. This means they've obtained their medical degree, completed their residency period and have finished a cardiology fellowship and then had another fellowship in electrophysiology, so I would be inclined to believe their opinion over the cardiologists, but that's just me.

Dr. Rane will likely be returning to the forum soon, and I'm certain he will advise you.

Title: Re: rlr and very confused
Post by josh27 on Apr 25th, 2013, 6:14pm

thank you for all the info I hope RLR can steer me right. Im so confused on all this situation.

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