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Message started by bayroot on Apr 25th, 2013, 11:05am

Title: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by bayroot on Apr 25th, 2013, 11:05am

Hey RLR, glad to see you're back!

Just wanted to ask you about ongoing chest pain.

I've had chest pain for about 6 days now; all day every day. I haven't panicked or worried TOO much, because over the years I've had 30+ ECG's, 1 echo, various blood tests etc and I've always been "perfect".

However, I have NEVER had chest pain for this long. The longest I had before this was 3-4 days, but it was a different type of pain.

Some facts are:

- It started on the sides and now it seems to be in the middle.
- Touching my chest in various places reproduces pain. It doesn't reproduce the SAME pain, but it does produce SOME pain.
- I have had GI type issues during this time.
- It doesnt get TOO strong, but it is constant pretty much all day.
- It seems worse while I'm sitting. Walking doesn't make it worse. It sometimes even goes away the more I walk.
- It's had various characterists. Sharp, pressure, tight etc.

It seems to me maybe its costachondritis or GI? Doesn't seem like my heart because it doesn't worsen with exercise and it hurts to touch my chest?

I just wondered if 6 days straight of chest pain would warrant a concern? I don't wanna go to the doctors or anything. I had an ECG in August 2012 and vowed never to visit a medical practitioner again unless I am SERIOUSLY in trouble (because I have been hundreds of times over the 4+ years I have had anxiety).

Hope your holidays were enjoyable  :)

Title: Re: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by richie on Apr 25th, 2013, 10:36pm

Hi Bayroot

As you know by now . I have chestpain for years now. Almost 24/7
This sounds muscular and costochondritis like . Often accompanied with indeed GI problems. In my case THIS is probably the cause.
I recognize your pain issues ! In my case. When I have this my heart reacts more neurotic. Skips, Spasms, Runs and so on.

I really think you dont have to worry.
I hope RLR will help you ease your mind more

Title: Re: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by bayroot on Apr 26th, 2013, 1:02am

Thanks Richie. Its gone now!

Its so typical. I go months without any symptoms or worries, and then I get them for like a whole week and I calmly go about my life. Then, when I finally get annoyed and ask for advice it immediately goes! :-)

Title: Re: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by bayroot on Apr 26th, 2013, 10:31am

Ok the pains are back so this is still a relevant question lol.

It still hurts to touch. Its like a strong pressing feeling in my right breast, just barely right of center. When I press this area it does hurt.

I have also had brief shooting pains thru my back and sides. I think this is entirely unrealated though.

I also had some gerd symptoms that triggered this pain to come back.

Typing it out makes it so obviously sound like gerd/muscle strain. But for 7 days straight?

Anyones answers are helpful.

Title: Re: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by bayroot on Apr 26th, 2013, 10:33am

Ps thanks again richie. And wow, you sound so much less anxious now. You seem to be doing great!

Title: Re: 6 straight days of chest pain
Post by richie on Apr 27th, 2013, 4:17am

Hi Bayroot

It sound muscular to me.
Maybe again instigated more due to GI or acid or hiatus hernia.
Pressing on a area which increases more pain sounds non organ to me but more muscles or ribs !!  costochondritis like.

Less anxious?
I guess a thx is in order. I still have all my issues. chestrelated, pain, spasms , also the tingling and so on..
Did I stop to worry?
I dont know. I stopped ..stop living. I have done my best to get answers for years, to take my rest and get better. It didnt help !
It seemed logical to me that I needed another approach. Why remain doing the same thing that doesnt seem to work?
I'm still convinced its more physical, my complaints than in my head. Maybe its not good, maybe its all benign but a nuisance. I dont know. But the anxiety doesnt/didnt help.
So know I push myself more to the limit. I cho(o)se to get busy living instead of get busy dying.
In my head there is a constant battle, and since a week or so , i'm doing less . more and more pain and complaints. chestrelated. I guess due to my stomach acid and hiatus hernia. which triggered more costo..chestwallsyndrome. lots of burping again.
but I keep doing what I think has to be done during the day. thats my first perogative/goal . to get done what has to be done.

oh and I posted a picture of myself in full glory. 16-17 yrs old. being well trained , 6 pack and son on. And remind myself that THAT guy went through walls if nescessary , and had a never say die attitude

peace my friend. and you'll get through this

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