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Message started by Jinkus on May 3rd, 2013, 6:10am

Title: PVC'SWith RBBB
Post by Jinkus on May 3rd, 2013, 6:10am

Hello all,

I have been a member of this site and its fair to say my story is somewhat long a drawn out. I will make it short but the bare inessentials are as follows,

I'm a 29 year old male, slightly overweight but nothing horrific, don't smoke, drink moderately, have a great life. Suddenly in 2005 I started with ectopic beats (PVCS). Over the years I have had countless blood tests, holter monitors, barium meal, MRI etc etc always been told that my heart is structurally sound, and as what appears the norm - told to try and live with it.

Over the years I had learn t to live with them and indeed they subsided to a point of them being occasional. Fast forward to 2011 and I was taken into hospital with Pericarditis and mild myocarditis, kept in hospital for 5 days and then discharged. As a result of this sickness I have been left with a very slight conduction delay (RBBB) and my ectopic s appear to have returned with a venage to the point where my life is now ruined by these horrible symptoms.

Within the last 6 months i have seen a cardiologist and had a stress test which was perfect, I have had a echo-cardiogram which was normal with good systolic function on left and right. No valve issues or any ischemic irregularities.

However I have now noticed that my PVCS are now occurring daily with around 150 - 250 a day, sometimes lots in a short space, sometimes spaced throughout the day, also one thing that is concerning is 9 times of ten when I take a deep breath it will trigger and missed beat. This is very frightening and they are truly taking over my life again.

Im basically looking for support or advice as to what I can do next, my cardiologist suggests to try and live with them as they are of no harm to me, i cant get this thought into my head and Im so scared of just dropping dead. I have been told I can take Bisprolol 1.25mg if I feel the need but I dont have the confidence to take it as my heart rate is already only around 60BMP at rest and im worried it will drop to low. Just dont know where to turn.

What difference does PVCS with RBBB have?? Am I at a higher risk with the RBBB????

Hate my life again thanks to these sh1tty PVCS/PACS -

Thanks for any reply.



Title: Re: PVC'SWith RBBB
Post by Brittany on May 3rd, 2013, 12:16pm

Hi, I'm not a professional but I feel like offering some reassurance until you're able to be given a more thorough talk by somebody else here.

I also have partial RBBB, which was found on an ECG 3 years ago by my cardiologist. RBBB can be either as a symptom of a problem, or be found simply in healthy people. I'm the second case, and I haven't shown signs of it since I've been under mental stress. RBBB on its own is of no concern. If physical symptoms or a diagnosis is made, this could CAUSE RBBB but it is found as a result of an issue, and is not in itself something worth investigation. However, as you've already been investigated, this is of no concern whatsoever, at least in my opinion.

The way in which you describe this issue seems to take on similar language to that of everyone else who suffers with cardiac anxiety. In fact the vast majority of posts here are indeed due to that very thing. The way you count your PVCs, describe it as ruining your life, and the fact that you seek to 'prove' what causes it by taking large deep breaths is typical of somebody who has a significant anxiety around their heart. Most people who have a cardiac condition choose to ignore it, and fixation indicates what is most likely anxiety. Take a look through the other posts, you'll find that the vast majority are people who self evaluate.

Having induced palpitations does not lead to sudden death. The symptoms you describe (taking large breaths resulting in these palpitations, and having some throughout the day and some in clusters) are typical complaints that most people here with anxiety disorder complain of. In fact, as far as the 'large breaths' test goes, I have exactly the same complaint, and I certainly haven't had abnormal heart returns.

My father also suffered with pericarditis and myocarditis. This was found in a routine exam. The issue was traced by his cardiologist to a case of pneumonia he suffered with in his mid-20s. More than 50 years later, it came back to bite him, despite him having been an athlete for the entire time.

As this was under monitoring, this was of no further complaint. Your cardiologist, also, will be completely aware of your physical state and will not take any 'risks' of you having an issue.

Keep on living your life, you won't suffer sudden death, nor any ill feelings by continuing. Don't monitor the palpitations, and make sure to eat and sleep at the right times of day, keep good posture and exercise well. These are the best ways to not only feeling better and escaping the general grips of anxiety, but will also help quell the palpitations.

Title: Re: PVC'SWith RBBB
Post by Jinkus on May 9th, 2013, 7:58am

Hi Brittany,

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post, everything you have said makes sense and I will be the first to admit that I have deep anxiety over my heart and these horrid PVC's/PACS.

Just wish I could either find a cause or learn to live with them. Neither seems possible at present ;-(

Thanks again,


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