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Message started by retriever on May 17th, 2013, 9:07am

Title: PVC and Anxiety
Post by retriever on May 17th, 2013, 9:07am

HI All,

I am a newbie here.  I experienced a lot of palpitations 2 days ago and went to urgent care.  The diagnosis was PVC.  I am a person with high anxiety.  THe more I think about this, the more palpitations I feel.  Does that happen to anyone?  I had like 5 palpitations just by tying this e-mail:(  Any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated.


Title: Re: PVC and Anxiety
Post by martinpetersen on May 17th, 2013, 10:27am

Ideas and recommendations: (I'm no doctor, but this is what I have experienced and learned by reading i.e. this forum.)

1: (which you seem to have done already): Get your heart checked by a doc. ECG and so on - to ensure there is nothing wrong with it.

2: If your heart is cleared, then try to accept that your palps are not dangerous in ANY WAY. (That might be the hard point ...)
But acceptence of that fact should in the long run reduce your anxiety and palps.
Think of the fact that vagus-induced palps, as they probably are, come from OUTSIDE the heart. Sort of wayward nerve impulses that can "hit" the heart anytime and make it beat and extra beat now and then.
Annoying? Yes. Anxiety-creating? Yes. Dangerous? No, not in any way.
Therefore: Don't let palpitations change your plans or projects. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. At some point the palps stop.

3: Use techniques to reduce anxiety. Relaxation, breathing and so on. The 4-7-8-breathing excercise has helped some people.

4. What and when you eat and drink can trigger palps. Known "sinners": excess coffee, alcohol, food. Late eating of big meals might trigger them right when you want to sleep.

Best of luck.

Title: Re: PVC and Anxiety
Post by bigcountry on May 17th, 2013, 10:33am

Also a good read is in the General Discussion portion of this forum....under HEART PALPITATIONS 101 Parts 1-6

This will give you aton of information!

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