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Message started by AnthonyB on Jun 26th, 2013, 10:13pm

Title: The Cure for me for Flutters and Skipped beats!!!!
Post by AnthonyB on Jun 26th, 2013, 10:13pm

Hello Everyone.  I am here because I know how annoying and SCARY these things are.  I have had heart palps, skipped beats and flutters since I was 13 and I am now 36. I never really had them bad until a few weeks ago.  I was visiting friends in CA and I was there for a wedding.  I had been drinking, but nothing more than a few beers a day.  Well, after a few days I was driving back to AZ and BAM, I started getting these flutters.  I forgot to mention, I am OCD and I am a professional Googler.  My friends call me HOUSE because I usually figure out what is wrong with friends and family when there is an illness, or medical issue.  Not to mention my brother is in his last year of med school.  I ended up calling him so much these past couple weeks that he no longer answers my phone call..haha.  He told me what all others have said "Don't worry about them, they are PVC's and everyone gets em".  I was like NO WAY can I deal with these the rest of my life, so my googling and OCD kicked in and I have yet to leave my room in a few weeks until I figured out a way to get rid of these things.  I bought a blood pressure monitor and I can see the heart thing that pulses "pause" when I was having these.  I was like WTF, is my heart really stopping for a sec??? Well, I'm not sure if it stopped, but it felt like it stopped when I was testing on my wrist and my artery in my neck.  I have read that it is an extra beat, but you cannot feel it. But anyway, after feeling my heart skip a beat in my wrist and artery and on my chest through my ribs I was FREAKED.  So, I began watching everything I ate and monitoring everything.  I cut out carbs, I only ate non-fat yogurt and lean ground turkey and veggies and they still did not go away. I took magnesium, fish oil, vitamins, calcium, didn't help.  Then I thought I had GERD and read that it could be my Vegus Nerve and began to take Mylanta and still nothing helped.  I ended up having a few beers over the weekend and for a couple days they under ATTACK! To make a long story short, I ended up drinking 32 ounces of water and began to seriously hydrate myself and they WENT AWAY!  I was like HOLY @!@#$!#.  I am not sure if this is the answer for you, but when you get these things, start drinking a TON of water and see if that knocks em out! I wanted to share this with you guys because I know how annoying these things are!

Please write back and let me know!

Title: Re: The Cure for me for Flutters and Skipped beats!!!!
Post by Rachel on Jun 28th, 2013, 1:45am

I've read your post with great interest! I'm a long term sufferer of palps, currently waiting to see a cardiologist yet again after my recent events (you can read my last post) I had a long think and yes I really don't drink enough, I also enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks every evening to help me relax which of course also dehydrate, a few days before you posted a had this thought myself along with the fact that maybe it was due to magnesium/potassium levels, so I have changed my diet to include more potassium/magnesium foods which helped but I think it's because I have been drinking orange juice i.e. more fluids, I've stopped drinking alcohol and over the past couple of days i am forcing myself to drink a few glasses of water a day, i dont really get thirsty! It seems to be working!! I used to get hundreds of palps everyday, now I'm just getting one or two a day, I also suffered from acid reflux which if you google is also a symptom of dehydration and it too has gone!!! I'm not saying I'm cured but it's a huge coincidence only time will tell I guess, I really hope that it continues

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