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Coincidence? Bike crash...palps (Read 2104 times)
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Coincidence? Bike crash...palps
Sep 13th, 2012, 2:47pm
It's been a long time since I've been here, but....July was a bad month for me. From riding 20 miles a day, and being in the best physical shape ever (at 58), I had a freak accident which sent me over a small bridge and onto my head, fracturing 2 vertebra in my neck. 2 months later I am still trying to heal from a rib separation that occurred in the crash, as well as nerve damage. My anxiety level has increased, due to the fact that my healing is not progressing fast enough. I've been used to being very active, and today, I just realized that I have to keep my arm totally still in order for my rib to heal. As much as I try, my mind drifts off to being extremely depressed. Then what happens? Palpitations. For several years I have not had more than a few, but they are quite frequent now and adding to my overall dismay. The obvious is that my injuries, and attitude about them, have brought on the palps, but I seem to be lodged in a process that has me waiting until I feel some healing before I can relax about it. Possibly someone here will have a bit of advise or story about their experience that will trigger a positive affect in me.
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