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What to do during a palpitation? (Read 4198 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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What to do during a palpitation?
May 27th, 2013, 4:27am
The stuff posted by Kyanite is extremely helpful.

Here is my question.  I have had palpitations for fifty years.  I've had my heart checked and know there is nothing physically wrong with me and that my heart is sound and will take no harm during a palpitation.  Reading about the vagus nerve was extremely interesting to me as I never understood why I got a palpitation during bending.  I have chronic anxiety, which I try to address, and which I realise is at the root of the palpitations.

The thing is, what should I do while I'm having one?  They are quite strong, with heartbeats of nearly 200 a minute and last for hours.  If I continue to move around as usual, ie keep walking if I'm out, or cleaning the house if I'm in, the pain in my chest is too great, I feel too breathless and dizzy to carry on; so I sit or lie down, try to breathe properly and take my mind off it by reading a book or opening the laptop.  This way I feel better although the palpitations are still as strong.  I really don't feel I can carry on moving as I've tried repeatedly over the years, but the pain and ill feeling is too great, and if I'm with someone they freak out and want to get me to the hospital, which I know is pointless.

By the way, I've tried the techniques of putting the palpitations into reverse by breath holding, drinking cold water, cold water on face etc, and sometimes they do work.

And finally, as I've said I've had palps all my life but there was one period when I was free of them. This followed a diagnosis of cancer and the nine months subsequent successful treatment.  I did not have one palpitation! Mm, the fight or flight response had something real to deal with I imagine.

Regards to all.


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