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Strange squelching noise with each heartbeat (Read 4656 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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Strange squelching noise with each heartbeat
Jun 21st, 2013, 4:51am

I thought my symptoms were all gone, and that in my time I had had EVERY symptom in the book, until today...

I was sitting here on the laptop and all of a sudden I heard (over the top of a youtube video) a kind of squelching sound coming from my chest that seemed to be coming with every heartbeat. It was VERY loud.

I had just had breakfast and have some gas at the minute, so I'm wondering if the gas is just moving around?

When I lifted my head up it disappeared. But then if I lower my chin to my chest again it starts again.

It seems like I can hear the blood being pumped out of my heart with each beat. Very strange. I have to be honest and say that it scared me, and nothing has scared me for a LONG time...

Anyone had anything like this before? Does it sound like gas?
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