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palpitation-hit on heart feeling-heart resets (Read 4725 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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palpitation-hit on heart feeling-heart resets
Jul 09th, 2013, 6:14am
I have read through all posts. Things to keep in mind for all of you;

None of you have strutural heart issues, none ever will.
All of you have electrical issues. Do not be concerned so much. Your risk of getting heart attack is at level of a healthy teenager's. When there is too much electrical tension in your heart, it llprob reset itself before an attack.

**** %99 of you should have one of the following; *****

1- injury to spine(herniates disks etc)
2- injury to abdominal area (inguinal hernias etc)
3- infection (hsv,hpv, bacterias, funguses candida etc)

*******Having these will lead to;

Adrenal gland issues; adrenaline bursts or even thyroid fluctuations.

*******Having that will lead to;



Yet everyone says it's due to anxiety. Overload of it.
TRUE in a sense.
Stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks are a FACTOR, not the main cause.

Stress is a proven cause of everything, even cancer.
So reduce your stress level. That will help you because stress affect your nerves. Nerves affect every single process in body. Stress will aggreviate your adrenals as well

Main cause lies in your past. 1 of the 3 mentioned above is enough to cause more than heart palpitations.

Spine is the key. Get it fixed. at least go for acupunkture.

Abdominal wall contains important nerves. Any injury in that area, even a small scar is an injury to a nerve which is most likely VERY vital.

Infections such as hsv root in nerves. for some ppl they cause heart issues due to changes in nerve activities. even candida can cause such an effect as it affects lets say intestines.

due to increased nonsense nerve activities your adrenals will get tired,too much adrenaline etc,and you will have IBS causing bloating burping allergies.

a stuck nerve, damaged nerve is often hard to diagnose and docs will not understand such a theory, some do understand thou. You will be told that its anxiety etc and either you will wait to go away which is a chance of 50% or you will be given medicine for anxiety depression etc. these pills may help you because they ease up nerves. your nerves will be firing less and more seratonin etc will make you forget about symptoms. not only they ease up nerves, recent studies show these drugs even initiate regeneration of irritated or damaged nerves. so they may help you totally recover as well.

i understand that most of you developed anxiety depression after having palpitation issues, not before. so look before that time check if you can relate sth. if you cant, then go for a heart doctor. if you can, first fix these issues then see if it helps.

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