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Please help newbie (Read 3423 times)
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Please help newbie
May 15th, 2010, 9:33am
I have had the feeling of my heart jumping or extra beats for years.  
It used to be once in awhile, lately it's almost every day.  My dr tells me I'm fine.  I have had cardiac workups, holter monitors and extensive blood tests.  I have had get togethers where my heart jumps one time after another, then later I'm fine.
I get a strong feeling of panic right with the episode.
I also get neck tension and a feeling of pressure in my neck.
Both these things come and go.
I also have had a lot of stress lately.  My daughter moved into her first home and had my first grandchild within days.
I stayed with her before  and after the baby was born and didn't get a lot of good sleep.
Anyway, my chiropractor has me taking magnesium.  Does it help with palps?
I have been told if I accept it that it will go away.
Does any of this sound familiar??
My family is getting tired of me complaining.  Help!
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Re: Please help newbie
Reply #1 - Aug 19th, 2010, 3:04am
Hello nice to meet you, im also new here Smiley
Ive been trying to find information on the net that could help me, since i feel hopeless and frustrated. Anyway, I have palpitation & tachycardia too for years and now i have to take betablocker for years eventhough it didnt really help much but ive no other choice. I did ECG, ECHO, 24 hours holter monitor, blood test, T3, t4, TSH tests but didnt find the cause. I also feel worry when tachy & palp happens and in earlier times it wasnt this bad so evidently it got worse unfortunetlly. Tried some supplements, herbal, alternative therapies stilll no luck. I dont know what to do anymore.
Anyway, while searching on the internet i read that some people said mineral imbalance/electrolyte imbalance could be the cause of palpitation. But what confused me is, how do i know if i have this imbalance situation going on. Which one is high and which one is low and how much should i take. I cant just take all of them (calcium, magnesium, potassium,vit b) because if i ended up getting it too high/imbalance then it will make it worse. Ive been on a calcium, magnesium and kalium test but the result was in normal range. But i read on some site when i was googling that it could appear normal but doesnt mean you dont have any defiencies. It doesnt always accurate and theres an explanation but i forgot.
Also i read that cayenne pepper and mother tincture would help but the other said the opposite which confused me.
If anyone knows any information related to it please help,
i would truly appreciate it thanks.  Smiley
Anyway, for supplement fish oil, magesium, calcium, coq10 and hawthorne berry, thats what i read that said could help.
I think anyone with tachycardia and palpitatioin should give it a try.
God bless.  Smiley
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Re: Please help newbie
Reply #2 - Aug 19th, 2010, 8:34am
Hi there, Post your query in the Symptoms area and you will get more replies, this area is pretty much just used for intros

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