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Arrhythmia problems (Read 2610 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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Arrhythmia problems
Apr 27th, 2013, 3:42am
Hi Folks
Recently diagnosed with some form of Arrhythmia Ive always suspected my heart had the odd flutters but in jan I had a minor heart episode (very slow heartbeat for a few min) that caused me to collapse ..the heart eposode was prompted by a nasty virus so it wasnt the cause of the hospitalisation..it was more a faint but this was diagnosed as vascovagal episode and in retrospect they might have been right and it was giving symptoms of a virius/infection.
Since then Ive has ecocardiogram blood tests and chest x-ray which all confirm the heart is healthy and disease free. I also had a 24 hr heart monitor which showed one 2.6 sec pause when i was asleep but wasnt that unusual Ive been informed. I was referred to cardio unit in the meantime...last thursday.
On monday last week , at work I had heart flutters which made me nearly faint and was sent to A&E by then the ECG trace was normal and was sent home. Tue pm had heart flutters and went to A&E and this time they captured the heart skips on the monitor one every 30 sec, rate was 72ish and not any speeding up had blood and chest x-rays again...heart healthy nothing to show. Sent home and had the worse night of my life trying to sleep with the heart fluttering in my chest but not speeding up as in artrial fibrulation.
last week rested on sofa where the irregularities seemed to improve to a skip every 180sec or so-fairly random.
last week I couldnt anything and heartbeat was a bit irregular which made me a bit lightheaded so going to A&E would just mean wasting 4 hrs only to be sent home.
This week Im a bit better; more appetite eating ok and only had one bout of 120+ palpatations which subsided in a few hours.
The questions I'd like answers to are is it better to rest as much as possible or try and continue as normal with the risk it might reverse the improvement i seem to have made?
After 12 days should i have made a full recovery from this episode?
and...Ive always had occasional tinitius in the background-relic of motorcycles in the past- but why is it so pronounced now?
Anxiety i recognise is the main obstacle rather than anything that has actually happened  Undecided
At doctors on friday ecg looked normal and BP was 120/65
I'm 52 79kg 6'2" and have always been very physically active, normal resting 57bpm before this episode

Thank you for your attention
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