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25 years missed beats and it has changed !!?? (Read 3294 times)
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25 years missed beats and it has changed !!??
May 06th, 2013, 11:49am
Hi, my concerns are these, for 25 years I have had missed heart beats, sometimes fast sometimes slow and sometimes just totally erratic. Ok so I have seen more Doctors than I care to rememebr and seen them all many times more than once, all ( up until last week) put these episodes down to stress and anxiety. I saw a Cardiologist twice in the past 12 years. last time 2 1/2 years ago, all fine, ecjho, stress test ecg etc etc , in fact iwas told I had a strong heart and the missed beats etc , as before all anxiety. So the story continues, 2 months ago it was doing stuff, fast slow missed etc, so I saw another Doctor, she listened and took my Blood Pressure, her words " Perfect" for Blood Pressure and " totally normal" after listening to my heart. All well and good. BUT ! I had a bad attack of fast irregular beats a week ago and panicked BIG TIME, so much so that as I was literally 2 minutes from a Local A&E I went there, I went expecting a little chat and a pat on the head " its anxietuy fella, now bugger off" That didnt happen, I was hooked up to an ECG machine and a Doctor called, they wanted me to stay ( I couldnt for reasons not important here) as I left I was given an aspirin and a Beta Blocker, a prescription and the ECK tear off paper under the promise I saw my Local GP the next day. OK So I did see my Doc, now for the first time I hear this, " It looks like AF which I now know is Arterial fibrulation, take the beta blockers and aspirin, have another ECG next week and we will have a blood test, we might put you on warferin and get your cholesterol down ( its 5.9) and you may well be on Beta blockers all your life. My question is this ? what the hell happened ? is this new ( The doc said he would be conerned if this was new and not so concerned if its the 25 year thing -  which I think has been diagnosed as eptopics) So now I have a genuine thing to worry about. I am 55 and never ever had neds before, I am sure between them and my anxiety they are slowing me down, making my tum feel poorly and messing me up, should I worry about AF ? can I be fixed ? will it be all meds till the end and what of 25 years of 'anxiety" do I now have to suffer both ? since taking the 2.5 mg Beta Blocker my heart ahs slowed but is still uneven and not regular.
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