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irregular heartbeats - is it ok to exercise? (Read 3322 times)
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irregular heartbeats - is it ok to exercise?
May 09th, 2013, 6:14am
Ive been getting irregular heartbeats for a while now. Had an ECG last december, where it was noted that there was an irregularity (however the doc put in my notes that it was a normal ECG?). Doc told me there was nothing to worry about and that I should be exercising. March/April the irregular heartbeats got more frequent, theyre happening most of the time now and its so annoying. No pain with it. Went back to doc (different doc i saw from first time) and she has got me an appointment for a 24 hour ECG thing at the end of this month. Ive been exercising to lose weight but when I asked if I could continue to exercise she said she couldnt give me an answer until after the test (!) I questionned her again and she said "ok, but nothing "strenuous" - strenuous can mean a million different things cant it? Is it wise to exercise or not?
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