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Heart palps when lying down and after eating carbs (Read 50580 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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Re: Heart palps when lying down and after eating carbs
Reply #15 - Jul 11th, 2013, 1:25am
Well a little update. The palpitations aren't as bad, but I notice them come on in the afternoon.

I ate some sweet potato the other night and they went away.

Did the same last night and it helped them go away. But I still felt a heaviness in my heart as if it was struggling to pump the blood, which kept me awake because as soon as I would start to fall asleep I would wake again. Had to take a sleeping pill (really want to get off these things).

I think its diet related but who knows. Docs say Im fine, but they don't know what my diet is like (vegetarian who eats fish). No bread, pasta, dairy.   Thought it might be lack of calcium magnesium, but I eat tofu, drink calcium enriched soya milk and take a calcium magnesium supplement).

Maybe its lack of iron/ anemia? But then I eat plenty of spinach, nuts, quinoa.

Don't know whats going on? Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks a lot!  Smiley

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