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New member holter results (Read 4388 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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New member holter results
Jun 15th, 2013, 7:44pm
This is the summary report of a 48 hr holter test I had last month:

Sinus rhythm with sinus arrhythmia, sinus bradycardia and sinus tachycardia, with a first degree AV block, with second degree AV block wenckebach and 2:1 and 3:1 block, occurring at night.  Minimum heart rate was 33bpm.  Average heart rate was 61 bpm.  Maximum heart rate was 147 bpm.  Maximum R-R was 3.92 sec.  Occasional ventricular ectopic singles, couplets, bigemy cycles and one VT run vs aberrancy up to 7 beats at 130 bpm. Rare supraventricular ectopic singles, couplets, one triplet and one SVT run up to 11 beats at 129 bpm.

I am a 62 year old male and was training for a July triathlon at the National Senior Games.  They immediately took me off of a beta blocker I had been taking for 13 years.  Within 3 days I was experiencing a nasty rebound form being beta blocked for such a long time, and I have lost (temporarily I hope) much of my cardiovascular conditioning.  I have had to cancel my training for the triathlon.  

Anyone have any thoughts about what is going on here?
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Re: New member holter results
Reply #1 - Jun 16th, 2013, 11:22pm

1st of all. ʹm no doc. So I can only tell you what I know. And that information isnt 100% accurate, but you can take this as extra info.

Unfortunately RLR, the one who started this site, already in his 90s  hasnt been present on the side for over a month. We dont know whats wrong with him. On the allexperts page you had Doc Richardson, but im afraid that something has happened to him too. He was already 84 so two great man who helped a lot of people maybe arent among us anymore. Having that said. I will try to help you a bit on your way.

Sinus arrhytmia is no problem at all. And is noticed in young people also. Normally this is a sign of a healthy heart reacing upon breathing in and breathing out. bradycardia is often found in elderly people and sports people at night and sometimes even during the day. Not really a problem as  long as its not too low. 33 is just ok although slightly low.
a first degree av block sounds scary but for all I know and read this isnt dangerous. Its even seen in healthy people. Right bundle block is often very common.  but in combination with 2nd degree wenckeback you should ask if this is a problem somewhere in the conduction !
in the literature it is said that..Second-degree heart block is broken down into two categories: Type I and Type II.

Type I heart block (also called Mobitz Type I or Wenckebach's AV block) is the less serious form of second-degree heart block. In this condition, the electrical signal goes slower and slower until the heart actually skips a beat.

So ask if you have a type 1 heart block !!

if the ectopics are a problem with 2nd degree av block im not qualified for to give a good answer..

So the thing that sounds the most urgent to ask for is the 2nd degree wenckeback.. and 2:1 3:1 block occuring at night
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