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your opinion on racing heart and anxiety. (Read 9339 times)
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your opinion on racing heart and anxiety.
Jul 12th, 2013, 2:15pm
I've had this racing heart since October.anxiety off the charts. My heart mainly races 90-110 sitting after eating or always when standing 100-140 I recently agent Tony daughters house and had basically little or no racing for 6 days.since being home heart has been racing terribly again. Been having pain in middle of shoulder blades and across top of chest. Also having burning in stomach again. Does this sound like anxiety induced racing heart?
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Re: your opinion on racing heart and anxiety.
Reply #1 - Jul 13th, 2013, 12:33am

i'm no GP or MD

Your heartrates are mostly similar to what I experience for yrs.
please understand that eating and standing up need a higher heart rate. thats normal. The fact you have a heart rate that is a bit higher than i quess most people would have at that action moment is that maybe stress or arousal kicks in.
A bit interesting is that being away from home you felt a bit better on the heart racing part issue.. Maybe you were more focused on the things outside your body.. occupied with fun things or work?
Your other sensations I have mostly throughout the day..

I dont know your history..but if you got tested ..echo or stress echo ekg and so on.. and everything was ok..than try to believe its your arousal..  also stomach issues can work on the heartrate..  and also diaphragm issues..  but than again much arousal can also effect breathing and stomach ...so its always a two way street.

but having stomach issues..ulcer like.. acid, GERD, Hiatus hernia..these can all induce heart rate and give chestpain and shoulderpain..which can feel scary..and therefore arousal kicks in..(also sympathicus and therefore the need of the parasympathicus -> nervus vagus) and these thing influence all the above I just mentioned..

so there is the cycle..

But the issue could be outisde anxiety..but getting more aggrevated through reacting anxious upon the sensations

hope this helps
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