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Feeling racing heart and lightheaded (Read 4010 times)
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Feeling racing heart and lightheaded
Dec 17th, 2006, 7:17pm

What is actually causing my heart to pound harder when I go up stairs or do something other than rest?  Does my higher blood pressure I recently noticed have anything to do with that?  140/88 (39yrs old)

Still having severe stomach issues, last night my feet and hands got sweaty and I wake up all stressed out.  Still haven't tried the toprol, for a fear of the side effects.  Hoping the Protonix will make my stomach better, helping everything else.

Could my Acid Refux or Gerd raise my heart blood pressure?  I have always had normal pressure and beats, it just started and wondered if their was a coincidence.

Also read on another site that Magnesium is good to take for higher BP.

Thanks for what you do here, its nice to see other people battle with health issues and hear responses!!!

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