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Very Scared..Again! (Read 3514 times)
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Very Scared..Again!
Dec 24th, 2006, 3:11am
Hi everyone - I did post once or twice on the old board and its nice to see this new one after all the dodgy posts on the old one - thanks to everyone involved!

I've had pvcs for a couple of years now and yesterday I had a very scary episode and I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar one.

I'd just come back from shopping and was getting a drink of water when my heart skipped and paused and then there seemed to be a few irregular beats (really hard to deterimine exactly what although it was definitely irregular) - I felt all lightheaded and then my heart started beating really fast (I counted roughly 180 bpm) - I sat down and drank my water and it suddenly subsided. I suppose all in all it probably lasted less than 5 minutes although felt like a lifetime!  

It was my birthday as well and I just thought that I was going to die !!

I have had a similar episode like that about a year ago and spoke to the cardiologist about it - at the time he seemed unconcerned.  But I just want to know how they know without capturing it that it isn't serious because if sure as hell seemed serious to me.  I am now feeling very jittery and just waiting for it to happen again - it just spoils everything - I have been finding the pvs hard enough to deal with but when it all happens together like that you just feel that you have something more serious wrong.

I will go back to see the consultant after christmas and see what he says - maybe he will give me another monitor.

Any pearls of wisdom from anyone would be greatfully received....

Thanks to everyone who posts on here and to RLR for his input.

Hope you're all managing to get into the festive spirit (perhaps not the bottled kind though!)

Helen x
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Re: Very Scared..Again!
Reply #1 - Dec 24th, 2006, 3:28am
Hi Helen

I've had it before, not exactly the same I woke to my heart skipping a beat doing a few fast beats then skipping again, I sat up and my heart raced really quickly I went to the hospital and my rhythem was good my oxygen levels were good just my heart was at about 130 bpm and then gave me a saline drip as they said I was dehydrated, and that brought the bpm back down. another time I had sinus tachycadia heart was at 170 - 190 and they gave me potassium tablets (taste awful).  I know how scary it is but what I think has happened it you've got a normal missed beat but your vagus nerve has probably sent a few extra beats in consession and as your hearts trying to get back from the first it's got another one to contend with  Angry but the irregular beat I'm sure is your heart trying to get back to it's normal rhythem.  You went light headed because I do but thats because you have panicked you probably come over hot and sweaty to.

I was told when I went hospital last that they only class a irregular heart beat if you are having 20 missed beats or more a minute.

I'm sure your absolutely fine, if there was even a slight abnormality with your heart they would have picked up on it, they can also tell from blood tests if there is something wrong.  Please try not to worry you are fine.  I also have had it where it feels like my hearts all irregular but when I check my pulse or get my hubby to listen it's fine and turns out to be wind! I know how scary it is I have been there and still get scared sometimes now.  My hearts felt really weird this past week and I still get those dreaded doom thoughts but I have to work really hard to think more positively.

Try not to let that one episode ruin the memory of your birthday. Happy birthday by the way  Cheesy

Enjoy Christmas and have a lovely time.

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Kath x
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