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Major PVC/SVT/NSVT worries!! (Read 3806 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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Major PVC/SVT/NSVT worries!!
Jun 01st, 2013, 8:22am
Hi guys, I'm so worried about my heart at the moment.
Every day since mid-January I've been having skipped beats. My doctor told me it was anxiety & not to worry. She did an EKG & caught 2 pvcs on it but told me that it was just a symptom of anxiety. But I'm having these skips hundreds and hundreds of times every single day!

The problem is I seem to have 3 distinct "types" of palpitation

The first goes like - lub dub lub dub lub...DUB (which I assume is a PVC?)

The second goes like - lub dub lub dub lu-lub dub

And the third is the scariest which I'm really worried could be NSVT?! - lub dub lub dub lublublublublub This type only happens about once a month & only lasts 5 secs or so & a deep breath can stop it, but I'm so terrified that this could be really dangerous.

Could this all just be simple pvcs or should i see a cardiologist?
I saw a cardiologist about 9 years ago & had holters, echo & a stress test & was diagnosed with rarely occurring SVT, and I was recommended an EP study but was too scared to go ahead with it. But the symptoms haven't really bothered me at all over the last 9 years until now!

I'm 26, female, 160lbs & exercise regularly.

Please help!! Sad I'm so worried
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