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Non stop palpitations. (Read 38347 times)
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Heart Palpitations

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Re: Non stop palpitations.
Reply #15 - Jul 16th, 2013, 2:40am
Great idea George let's continue the discussion somewhere else. How about the thread you started? Oh no that's right David locked it so we couldn't speculate anymore.

I'm sorry. I realise that the above is extremely sarcastic. I just don't believe that people should be stopped from discussing Dr Rane's whereabouts. It goes against everything I believe eg freedom of speech. As a friend of mine likes to quote "I may not like your opinion and I may not agree with it but I will defend to the death your right to express it". I liked reading your posts George. I do agree that this thread should now be left to addressing the OP's problem and not arguing back and forth about other matters. So I would like to off a sincere apology to SherriT.
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